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BOSS BABE PART THREE Samantha Gets Tested

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Kinksters! I hope this is not boring you. It might some, but I want it to be somewhat believable. This time I will release part 2 and 3 together.  Also I want you as the reader to really know these 2 characters. It will hopefully turn you on more as things get hot. Enjoy!
Boss Babe part 3 Samantha gets tested
We left off with Sam telling Dominick she wanted to be a submissive. This was something she told no one. Dominick was surprised. "A submissive? I would have never thought you would want that."
"It is a fantasy of mine. To let go, to give myself to someone, to let every decision be made by someone else. Someone who knows what he is doing." 
"What are you into?" Dominick asked
"I don't know. I just desire someone else to be in charge" Sam replied.
"I have some friends in the lifestyle...I can..."
"No!" Sam interrupted. "I want...you...to" She felt naked. She looked at Dominick in fear. She never asked a man for anything. Men always asked her. She, for the first time, was in fear of rejection. She didn't know if Dominick had a sub, or a even girlfriend.
Dominick continued eating. He looked at her. Thinking. She looked back at him with her brown eyes. He had never seen this. A girl who can be very masculine, then so feminine. It is like she is taking a mask off and showing her true self. He was positive that she doesn't show this side of her regularly. It peaked his interest.
He finally said something after what she thought was an eternity. "I don't know" OMG he's playing hard to get. Are you kidding? Sam thought to herself. Then he said " I have a friend Cassandra. She is a switch. A dominatrix and a part time submissive. I'll be honest, she can turn me off sometimes. She thinks she knows everything..A pain in the ass in a session. You are kind of like that. I don't know if you would take orders well."
"But I don't know anything" Sam replied. "I would need you...to...teach me. " Sam blushed. This was hard for her. SHe had been so tough for so long. To drop the facade, and be her true feminine self was harder than she thought, and  Dominick is not making it easy either!
"Can you take orders?" Dominick asked
"Yes" Sam replied
"Yes sir" Dominick corrected 
"Yes sir" Sam repeated.
"I want to test you Samantha...right now"
Whaaat? Sam was thinking...What is he going to do? in public? OMG what am I going to do? Sam's mind raced..she asked "wha.. what kind of test?"
"I am going to give you an order, and you will follow it...or you won't. If you don't, then we will just part ways."
Sam just looked at him intently.
"Go into the women's bathroom. Find a stall. Take off your bra and underwear, put it in your bag, then come out wearing only your dress and shoes."
"I um..." Sam stammered..Dominick just looked at her. The order was given. No more discussion. The test was on. Either she followed the order, or not. "ye..yes sir." Sam walked off to the women's bathroom.
 Samantha felt like she was in a trance. She walked through the crowded restaurant. People talking, laughing. She walked into the bathroom. She almost bumped into a woman leaving. She found a stall and walked in. She unzipped her dress, pulled it off, hung it on the hook on the door. She was standing in her white lace bra, matching white lace panties, white stockings, and black high heel shoes. She could hear everyone outside. She then removed her high heels, then peeled off her stockings. Her bare feet on the tile floor. Gross! she thought. She then removed her bra exposing her firm 32b breasts. Her small red nipples hardened immediately. She put the bra, along with the stockings in her bag. She then lowered her panties. Her full bush exposed. She was naked in a public bathroom. She felt so naughty, and embarrassed at the same time. She felt her breasts, her nipples so sensitive. She then ran her hands down her firm belly past her bellybutton, to her pussy. It was wet. She gave it a fast feel. She was so turned on...Feeling naughty she opened the door of the stall and walked into the common area of the bathroom. Her naked body reflected on the mirror before her. She watched herself feel her breasts and the rest of her body. A voice outside took her out of her trance. The door to the outside, public world started to open. Sam dashed in the stall so naked. She quickly put her dress on, and her heels. Flushing the toilet, she left the stall. Sam washed her hands, the quickly left the bathroom. Passing by the woman who never would know what was going on seconds before she entered. 
Sam went out into public. She felt so naked. She looked down, and her nipples were poking out in her dress. She scurried to the table. Dominick smiled as she quickly walked towards him. Her breasts free, erect, and bouncing. Sam felt self conscious, and excited at the same time. This was a new feeling to her. She was so turned on, she would have let Dominick fuck her right there. "Everything ok? " Dominick asked with a smile. Sam smiled back..."Oh yes!" 
"Give me your bag please"
 Sam handed over her bag. Dominick opened it and rifled through it. Sam really felt embarrassed now. He reached in, and took her panties. He put them in his pocket, closed the bag, and gave it back to her. (No.. Dominick wasn't going to sniff them later.)He wanted his prospect submissive to work the rest of the day pantyless. Sam realised she was getting late for work. They said their goodbyes and Sam walked quickly out into the street, down the block to her office building.  Her dress rubbing her nipples as she scurried down the sidewalk. Some people noticed, which turned her on more. In her building, she went into the ladies room, and unzipped her dress and brought it down to her waist. She had work to do, so she couldn't just sit there and masturbate, though that is exactly what she wanted to do. She put her bra on, and walked back into her normal vanilla life again.  She was conscious of her naked legs and pussy for the rest of the day. When she got home. She threw her bag on the couch, stripped naked, and frantically masturbated herself. Thinking of Dominick watching her. Commanding her. Punishing her. Her body tensed up, and she had such an intense orgasm. She lay there. Naked. After recovering, she went into the living room. She went into her bag, and got her phone. Scrolled down to "Mechanic". She left one text "I want more" 

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