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My personal Hell ends.

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Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death,  I shall *** no Evil. I have claimed the Darkness, and the Shadow is Mine.

I wrap myself in the Darkness, accepting myself as I am. Holding to the hope, that a star shall appear.

I take solace in the silence. I hold it close and keep it near.

They say stars shine on the darkest night, I wait patiently for Mine.

My heart is broken, the remnants in a jar on the shelf. I am beyond redemption. I have done this to myself.

There is a glimmer, a faint shimmer...
Time has past, a new beginning is at hand.

I take my shards and spread them in the night,
I count rhe pieces, something isn't right...

I count again with the same result, the shards have doubled in count.

I take a shard and begin to rebuild again, taking the biggest pieces and oddness happens again.

As I take a piece, another disappears.

I assemble the pieces, one at a time...
Oddly enough some pieces are dark, yet others shine.

I complete the heart, and it comes to life,
It is then that I notice a shadow, start to shine bright.

A second heart beats near, but filled with love...absent of ***.

The heart in my hands, and the shadow in the mirror,
Are one in the same, this much is clear.

But to my surprise, a change occurs.
The heart in the mirror is not a reflection, but hers.

Both hearts shine as bright as day,
Beating as one, I can now see the way.

In the darkness we had mixed the shards,
Intermixing ourselves as we rebuilt our hearts.

Together our hearts now shine,
Mine is hers, and hers is mine.

My Star has found me, I bask in her light,
I am her strength, I support her in the night.

We are apart, we are together.
We are different, but we are one.
In my Darkness, My star outshines the Sun.

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