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SORROW: a short poem.


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Do you see these shadows dancing all around?

Waving swaying here and there  making not a sound.

Are they the souls stuck here on earth lost and all alone?

Darkened shapeless shifting forms devoid of skin and bone.

Have they gone before their time? I wonder as I stair.

Watching these cold lifeless forms floating through the air.

As I stood surrounded wondering waiting for a sign,

 one came up behind me to move there was no time.

As this shadow passed through me it finally came to light

These were not ghosts or daemons floating in the night.

As the shadow touched my soul its pain and sorrow bores

They are the fragments of ourselves that live behind the locked doors.

They are the torment, the hurt, the sadness that we lock away.

For in this world of guises our suffering is to high a price to pay.

My sorrow for these creatures grow as I turn and walk away.

But the door I came through before is closed… locked… for it is here that I must stay.

Some Hotel California shit right there, deep really spoke to me.

Very sad but I love it 🧚🏻‍♀️

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