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In this dark and desolate place as I watch the headlights of the cars moving down the highway from my window all I can think about is you.

The smell of him still clinging to my naked body as I lay here in this lonely bed and all I can see is your face.

For hours being held in the most intimate embrace and all I can do is feel your fingers digging into my flesh

I have nothing. No feeling, has my soul finally turned to stone? Has my heart finally given up trying to feel?

An empty bottomless void, what made you so special? How could you eat away at the very essence that made me what I am.

What am I now? A shell. A hollow husk devoid of empathetic reasoning, a shadow walker that can lovingly look into the eyes of another and feel nothing.

You are not here yet your *** is unbearable. You do not speak but your silence is defying. Your eyes do not fall upon me yet I feel your judgment burning in side.

What magic is this, what gypsy curse have you set on my head? For this power comes from no human. This cruelty is not in your possession to deliver.

What God have you called on to turn me to stone? For this is a *** only a God would hand out, for only a God can take away my ability to love.

They take from you as well. A piece of your soul, can you feel it? The missing piece of your being? Can others see its missing when you can not?



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