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My love is not a easy thing to win.

But if you would like to try I invite you to begin.

Capture a dragon using only your bare hands.

Bring me the money you find in the sands.

To win my heart it might take days.

Don’t forget the glass jar full of the sun’s rays.

You asked me how someone could win my love.

Bring me the things I ask for above.

Bring them at night under the full moon.

Times running short you better start soon.

Deliver to me these items and I will give you my heart.

The slate wiped clean right from the start.

Solve my riddle if you dare.

Your courage and your cunning will depend how you fare.


I hope someone brings you a jar full of sunshine and happiness 


Thank you Dustykat, but I'm afraid no one will ever guess my riddle.


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Foot fetish into love.

I came to her without a clue.

 She came to me in my time of need.

 Some coffee and some words, she wanted me to touch her soul.

 I asked her to touch my heart.   Short of love short of time we took a chance.

 I asked my mistress,if I may  touch her feet, my fetish is strong.

 A homeless  person smirked with discontent.

 Walking hand-in-hand , not knowing what was to come.

 Was this reality or just a trick of the Mind?

  I feel so much for you, a flood of emotions like the waves smashing on the beach.

 My eyes say what it feel Within.   Her eyes have a need to let me in.

  We spoke truth with every word, feelings growing with every breath.

  We spoke to each other like old friends.

 We revealed our fetishes and our desires.

 Things that no one should hear.   Wanting her to stay I was afraid to ask.

  Two hearts full of passion we met day after day.

 Truth goes with every word our hearts grow with love and understanding. Is it too early to say I love you?

Thank you for coming into my life mistress Jasmine you have changed my world.

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