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Marko Polo

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Now I'm no stranger to getting interesting things for my playmates but this new thing i got makes things really exiting.

the back story.
she's my friend and she's married but their sex life sucks balls. i have FWB that i see couple times a week. but between me and my friend we have similar tastes in our kinky ways and she's a brat of magnificent proportions in a small package and i can't resist the challenge.

so we agreed to play but within the limits of agreement. the agreement is: we don't touch each other and don't cross the boundaries. basically no sex or physical interaction. but it doesn't mean we can't play.

i gave her the Lush-3 remote controlled vibrator that only i can control. we have set times when we play while on the phone or in public. like today we went to the grocery store at same time. while she was roaming the isles and i had no clue where she was i was hunting her by setting vibrations from low to high then trying different patterns and listening for clues. it was kind of like playing Marko Polo the rush of the hunt was exhilarating for both of us and my FWB got to enjoy my exited nature afterwards.

Moral of the story: life is short have fucking fun for a change. we all can be miserable cunts tomorrow or the next day
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