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A day out in the forest with Daddy - Part 1


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(Found the right forum!)

The sun was warm but flitted behind clouds. A perfect day for an outing in the forest.

Making their way along the trail, she wondered what was in the bags on Daddy's bike? He said it was going be a surprise!

"Just here, Babygirl." He pointed, taking her by the hand off the track and into a clearing.

Making their way through some scrub and bush, they had arrived at their destination. A secluded part of the forest, surrounded by bracken and ferns.

"Are you ready for the surprise?" he said, reaching into the bags. "If we can't go camping, we can at least pretend we're camping!"

He pulled out a tent from one bag, poles and ground sheet from the other. Her eyes lit up!

"So we can go camping?" she exclaimed, excited at the prospect of spending some time in a tent with her Daddy.

She watched on intently as he set out the tent, "Come and help Daddy with his pole" he chuckled, waving a tent rod towards her.

"Are you pleased to see me Daddy?" she giggled in return.

After all was set, they flopped down inside the tent, the scent of the citronella stick outside wafting through the vents.

Reaching once again inside one of the bright yellow bags that had been mounted on his bike, he produced a small, smooth rectangular device. Intrigued, she leaned in to inspect - "Is that a speaker?"

With a deft flick, the tent filled with a bassy rumble and the beat kicked in.

Moving her attention now to him where he sat cross-legged on the floor.

"You're the best Daddy ever!" she said with a sultry, yet innocent, glint in her eye.

"We're not done yet, Babygirl. One more thing".

Emptying the final contents of the bag, a self inflating mattress dropped beside him.

He barely had chance to start the mechanism before she was pushing herself into him. Her hands leaning on his thighs as their lips locked. A few playful flicks as their tongues met before she moved back to the center of the tent, allow him to take her all in.

He leaned back on his elbows as she pulled off her shirt, she watched his eyes trace over the contours of her body as she turned away from him and slid down her shorts, making sure to arch her back accordingly and present herself to him.

He couldn't resist the temptation any longer and his hand moved swiftly making just brief contact with her skin and sending a sound like a snapping twig out through the forest.

The sudden sensation sent a tingle through her body, but it left her wanting more and she turned back to him, moving her hand to unclip her bra.

Kneeling now opposite her, his hands moved over her hips and down her thighs, before gently moving around over her buttocks. He pulled her close to him, her bare pert breast pressing against his hirsute chest.


(Part 2 coming soon...)

Mmmmm Is sounding like my kind of trip with daddy
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