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Football (soccer for the Americans) shirts


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Not sure if I'm alone in this. But it doesn't matter which team it is I've always had a weird obsession with a woman in a football shirt. Not in general but a fantasy of whichever team it is shirt with stockings, suspender belt and underwear making up the rest of the kit. For example arsenal shirt, white suspender belt, white underwear red stockings. Am I alone in this wonderfully weird fantasy of mine or more over I've never seen anyone wear such an outfit
You’re clearly not a football man or you wouldn’t have said “it doesn’t matter what team” lots of men are turned on by a girl in kit but only if it’s the kit of their team. You used the arse kit as an example and that’s enough to make any man lose his hard on !! 🤣🤣

I've seen ladies who does this, usually on twitter.  some shirts are definitely sexier than others - haha

mind... for dedication there was a guy turned up to *** Garden in a custom latex West Ham shirt - dedication - both latex AND ***.  

I agree football shirts could be hot in the right scenario, but the team would matter. Would certainly help celebrate or rebalance a mood depending on results.

For non fans it would be funny if each Team had it's own secret meaning (hopefully in a tasteful way)

Arsenal = Likes Anal
Tottenham = Likes it on top
Manchester City/United = Male Orgy
Liverpool = Chasing a foursome.

Sorry probably some very bad examples.
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