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Primal Play info?


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Ummmmm.... Hi there interwebs... So I was looking through the huge list of kinks and fetishes for Primal Play because after 4-5 years of experimentation I finally figured out what exactly it was that I was into. I had been in a fairly healthy pet/owner relationship for almost 2 years but there was definitely something missing. Although, at the time I didn't really know what. Then, last summer I had an experience that sort of just shifted my whole view on what intimacy could be. It was raw and aggressive, I was fighting for control with my heart and I sort of just zoned out the rest of the world. I don't think a single coherent word was expressed, just sounds. I was honestly terrified and I kept trying to escape but I wanted to be caught... In the end I was on the ground, fully submitted to my partner but in the moment all I felt was lust, fear, and absolute devotion. It was quite possibly the greatest experience I've ever had. It took me a long time to figure out where that fell and if it was even a common thing. I knew someone other than me had to have a kink like that. Searching only brought me to the concept of Primal Play and the conclusion that I was definitely Prey. Unfortunately it seems to not be on the list? I know many people consider it to be edge play and with the amount of cuts and broken skin I had in the end I wouldn't disagree... I was wondering if anyone knew of any online communities I could reach out to, to like, learn more and finally slip in?

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I am quite the animal myself, but I didn't realise it was primal play. Now I just need to be lucky enough to meet a genuine and devoted submissive
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