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You told me you loved me…

What do you love? Do you love the way my eyes sparkle when you come into the room or is it the way I start to blush and look away every time you give me that sly confident smile?

Is it the taste of my lips and the scent of me that makes your heart beat faster or is it my soft skin? The way the bare curves of my warm body feel as your hands explore my flesh rubbing , squeezing, your finger digging into me in that exquisite passionate embrace.

Is that what fuels your love for me or is it something else?

Is it my kindness, my ability to see the beauty in everything around me that you adore so much? The way I can make you feel when your sad or lonely. The way I soothe and calm your troubled soul,  how I can turn the tide from anxiety and self doubt and show you the path to your courage and your confidence to knock down any obstacle that dares stand in your way.

Is that the reason I see the smile on your handsome face?

Could it be my mind that you admire so greatly? My ability to help you come up with solutions to any problem and predicament you may have. When life throws boulders destroying your cities is it the way we are able to work together to rebuild them stone by stone that makes you hold my hand so tightly in yours?

I look at you now, sitting across from me, your beautiful blue eyes locked on mine trying to see trying to search for any unspoken detail that will give my feelings away, your handsome face tense with anticipation on my reply.

Yet I pause in wonder, giving nothing away… just one moment more…

Do I love you? That is the real question isn’t it, the only question. I have all of these fine abilities, fine qualities that are so impressive, so talented they say.

Can I still love?  

Is love still one of these fine qualities I possess?

Is it?

Just one moment more…


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Very touching 🧚🏻‍♀️
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