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The joy of getting a pie in the face!

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For me, there is no greater sexual fetish joy then a beautiful lady giving me a pie in the face over and over. I remember as a kid watching TV seeing a lovely looking lady giving some guy a pie in the face and wished that was me getting pied. As I got older, I fantasized cross dresser with dress, wig and make up and seeing a woman holding a thick cream pie and giving it to me. I have been lucky to be pied by various women, but my ultimate fantasy is being on some game show like Truth of Consequences, putting my head through a pie booth hole and seeing a row of great looking women, each holdinga pie in both hands and getting pied over and over again.

Anyone who have a pie in the face fetish out there?

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I have a pie in the face fetish also.The rare type like yourself -you know a guy who likes to get pied or caked by girls not see them get pied.I also like to watch scenes of pretty ladies pieing guys.Strangely (except for the cross dressing part) I also share the same fantasy as one of my favorites.A pie booth hole or a wooden pillory would be awesome! I also like the traditional setups like being seated at a table with a lady across from me and a pretty waitress pies me.One of my other favorites is a girl on the opposite side of a door asking if I would like a pie.My pie fetish has a kind of burlesque/showbiz/vaudeville flavor to it.Love sexy costumes on women,showgirls,cigarette girl etc.50’s and 60’s instrumental pop music playing in the background.If I had to compare it to anyone else I know it would be Bakerman70 and his art.

I’m not sure of your age,but my fetish came about from watching Sesame Street,The Electric Company and The Donny and Marie Show.I’m also into pretty feet.

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This is my fetish too, but I am a switch - sometimes  I want to be the dom that throws the pies and sometimes I want to be the victim getting pied.

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