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Newbie questions- turn the tables?

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I have a boyfriend that is dominate by nature so naturally dominant in the bedroom and incredibly good at it. We’ve been dating for a year, and he just started testing the boundaries...slapping, choking, etc. My question is does he want me to turn the tables at some point? We recently worked out an issue and things are heated so it may be perfect timing to dom him. I’m not a mousy woman, but I haven’t been dominant in the relationship. I have the dominate position in this issue we worked out though. Thank you 

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Spelling and ocd lol

I think an easy point here is it's not the forum that need to be asked - it's him...


Excellent advice and thank you for responding. I love the unknown that he brings, so I was unsure if asking would be a mood killer.  He is a planner though, so I’m sure he would appreciate the question. 


there's lots of variables - some people are Dominants and only Dominante - some are switches and can do both with some people - but others whom they can only do one or another.

So - how comfortable he'd be... there's always a risk.

Of course - you can ask based on a "one day" and always take him by surprise another...


I’m glad to hear that some like to stay in their role though. I think he will lean that way but I’m going to bring it up when the time is right. I take over but not in an aggressive way like he does. He ends up taking control back. Thanks for the information. Extremely helpful. 

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