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Playing doctor online

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How do you go about examining your patients virtually?
Very similar to real life in some bits. But you could ask them to feel for any lumps, ask them to check and show you their body so you can look for redness. Get them to do certain movements and get into some positions to show things don't hurt etc
Add value to the experience and examination by planting a
positive seed, that if done correctly,
can come to full bloom in
the future, depending on how
well it's communicated,how well
they follow instructions, their
ability to focus, level of openness
and established trust.

Even though it's role-playing,the goal
in reality is to heal.
When you're examined by a doctor or a physical therapist,a small but common
way they test physical strength is to
establish a Baseline measured by resistance and range of motion.
Some of these resistant Baseline tests when combined with certain thoughts
and direction of focus ,
prioritizes the task to be handled and controlled by a little used process activated by a conscious protocol
that can be surprising and as sudden as your reflex to an
electric shock ,in a Split
second, without thought,can
trigger and unlock profound potential ,
Definitely satisfying the goal of reality which is to heal and leaving you and
them with a WTF just happened
in that WTF moment.
Not commonly practiced by Western medicine because it's a combination of spirit mind and body, clouded by substandard
skills resulting from suppression of generations of practitioners by
the Communist Party of China (CPC)
watered down by some new agers who supplement their limited knowledge with parlor tricks,the secrets are very ancient and old but well guarded because of the potential for inflicting harm as well as healing. It's not magic, woo woo or Hocus Pocus , encoded and buried in Chinese traditional medicine as well as internal martial arts, the fanatical way it is guarded through disinformation by the real holders of this knowledge seems extreme at first and certainly puts it in danger of being lost over the years seems such a waste until you understand the potential for abuse is high as well as the temptation for playing God is seen and realized, so
stick to your scrubs
and without diving down a very deep
rabbit hole.
Simply put, your patient follows your instructions through combination of physical movement and focus on a certain thought using intention that produces surprising results, this is just scratching the surface and the tip of the iceberg but basically you are teaching them to heal themselves while satisfying the role playing facade of an official examination. so you get the best of both worlds. Certainly there's other factors involved for more advanced things than just doing a simple and virtual examination for your scenario of planting a seed and having an" oh shit " moment, you just had a glance in the grasshopper Direction,
Personally I'm torn between the idea of more of it being common knowledge and the idea of it staying hidden, so until the authorities of these disciplines say otherwise I will respect their wishes and only divulge some basic hacks because most people are either to lazy and undisciplined to follow this to a high level, Bruce Lee is is a perfect example of
an extraordinary gifted man with fanatical discipline and work ethic overloading himself with the external physical side without internal balance that proved deadly,said the old man,

Not caring a bit if it's dismissed out of hand,
they'd rather it see it be lost and die than fall in the hands of malevolence, this in itself seems paradoxical in my experiences because of the techniques used to be successful are hindered by such traits of imbalance, another deep rabbit hole.

Or you can role play The Dog Whisperer , teach her/him how to train their dog to do mathematics, including calculus and trigonometry and do this faster than it takes to get to the point where the traditionalist trust you enough to even let you in the door
The magic begins with insurance verification.
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