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Bratty Punishment?


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26 minutes ago, CopperKnob said:
You don't punish brats. You act as co-conspirators and find mischief together.
Then, when all the mischief has been had, you eat all the icecream together 🤷‍♀️
This IS definitely a rule that is NEVER to be broken. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise 😂🤣


For me, it’s used to ramp up the sex. Not so much to be punished but it takes the place of foreplay. The brattier I am the more I expect to get whatever it is that he’s wanting. If it’s not aggressive enough I just load more brattiness on top for next time.
Tie her to the bed and edge her without letting her orgasm, only to stop after an hour, maybe 2 depending on the severity of the punishment and telling her she can only cum if she fixes/apologizes for what she said/did.

Works a treat for me although this is only one method and like to get creative with each brat. Just don't take away their stuffies, that's crossing a line haha
Depends on the brat and situation. But I always say the best place to start is taking away a reward from any sub... Brat, slave sub its always a good place to start.
Yesterday at 06:06 AM, DarkArts1066 said:
Complicated - isn’t it ?
Knowing how to approach this … and many other aspects of kink.

The simple answer is good communication, right from the start.
I must say that twenty times a week on here, but ultimately it’s true if every situation and relationship - whatever that looks like.

I’ve chatted with another Dom friend of mine on another site (Yep, I know… I’m a heretic)
And he has a sub brat, who is a manipulator. She gets off on pushing his buttons, until he punishes her - however, they live 200 miles apart.
She plays mind games. He will instigate a punishment - she tells him she has complied … but won’t produce evidence. So he never knows where he stands with her.

For me, there is an inherent lack of trust in their relationship, which suggests to me that one or both parties are not fully committed to the arrangement.

How to punish a brat ?…. Depends entirely on the brat - and, everyone is different. Understanding your brats’ needs would be a good start. What are they looking for out of the relationship ?
What outcome do they seek for their behaviour ?
Clearly, spanking a masochist would be pointless. However ignoring someone who craves attention could be considered cruel and unusual punishment - unless it has perameters - like a fixed amount of time served, and a reward t
For subsequent good behaviour.

Brats need aftercare too, whatever form that may take.

TheBookCollectors’ comment above is an excellent example in my humble view, of cutting the cloth to suit the clothes.

Denial or limitation of a favourite pastime or pleasure is always a good option, provided it has a defined time constraint.

In my experience, brats need clearly defined boundaries, over which they can choose - or choose not to step.

Your friend should end that relationship. No trust = no kink. That's my rule and I'm firm with that.

Find a way to acknowledge the need for attention but still maintain your leadership role. So blend your positive and negative reaction. You can mix pleasure with the threat of activity that borders a limit or supply a punishment that has a reward for successful completion.
10 hours ago, DominusMalus said:
Depends on the brat and situation. But I always say the best place to start is taking away a reward from any sub... Brat, slave sub its always a good place to start.

People forget there are other ways to punish indiscretions than resorting to CP methods at the outset especially for if the individual is a masochist.

As you say removing an earned privilege or other reward is a good starting point. Constant indiscrestions without a good reason usually then moves towards the CP.

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