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What would being a he bitch for a group of women be like


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Wondering how it would be to be a he bitch for a group of women and where I'm not allowed pleasure.  Eat, rim and my face sat on.  Whipped, flogged and bitten.  Many books and bad b rated vids touch that idea, but I really wonder what it would be like.

Has anyone had this experience? Or anyone else who share this fantasy? 

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Feel free to be my bitch, you can buy my panties too

It would be amazing, I just want to find a mistress on here but it's hard 


I think first off - if it's your fantasy, then you *would* be getting pleasure (I mean, it's your fantasy)

Next - there's this kinda area where people confuse fantasy and reality; clips, writings, they're all there for titillation.   Being able to find a group who are, like I say, ultimately serving your fetish/fantasy is gonna be kinda difficult.  Though, there are options...

Myself - there's a few scenes I've filmed which might be close-ish to that.  There was a scene I filmed in Germany that was a Mistress party, 5 ladies having a party and abusing 7 guys as part of it.  It's actually not one of my favourites as I largely got forgotten about : I ended up with a knee injury due to kneeling patiently too long haha.

But, there's also a bunch I filmed in Romania which were myself and 3 ladies - we did 3 scenes all together : and yeah, it was pretty hot and erotic..... but, this is something I obviously earned my way to, proving myself reliable for filming over a number of years.

Perhaps the easiest choice for many would be to go to one of the Femdom events : I just checked and you're not in the UK - but - I dunno, they still surely exist elsewhere.  Smaller parties are usually quite expensive (depending) but you, like you say, get abused by around 4 women for the time.   Larger ones, a lot cheaper but of course many of the Ladies are there for a night out and so, well, not obliged to spend time with guys who just want them.  But still, I have had fun at such parties.

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The difference is the times experimented had the opportunity to chicken out.  If bound and safety words for true trouble were in place . Might be different.  But on a whole what you said is true and I can't denie.  And yes Ontario has such events.  Be well

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I'd forget it. If (like me) you want someone who's truly into it, not a temporary employee, it's virtually impossible to find one, let alone a group!

There are very few non-pro true lifestyle Dommes, and many many guys looking.

Unless you think it's actually possible that you'd come top out of a thousand assorted suitors, I'd suggest you dump all your preconceived ideas, go to a lot of events and just socialise non-needily. You never know, but really just enjoy yourself. Don't hold your breath.




As someone who has been Dominanted by a group, success or failure is in the attitude and the open-mindedness.

There are a lot of "true lifestyle Dommes" who ALSO work professionally and too many guys make throw-away statements implying you can't be both and it drastically reduces their potential field.  

Whilst there are many guys who claim to be looking, most of them don't actually have much they can feasibly offer.  Or don't fully understand submission and either want too much on their terms or to hand over too much control ("I'm the sub, just do what you want" - and then either failing an early task or things falling to pieces fairly quickly when it turns out this wasn't what they had in mind) 

A lot of men make excuses like claiming there are thousands of suitors (yet there's only actually one fet event in the UK with a 4 figure turnout) when actually there's plenty to suggest that the so-called ratio is much closer when you remove men whose attitudes is just a quick fantasy based on something they saw/read in porn.

There are women I know personally, some pro, some non-pro, who are open to a sub either as part of a romantic relationship or via non-romantic but dedicated D/s relationship - however are happy to wait for the right person with the right attitude rather than just anyone.  Part of the problem is that too many sub guys want quick results, or have the wrong attitude.   My Mistress and I had known each other for 18 months before W/we discussed that W/we were both right to progress things together.

I strongly endorse going to munches events, they're a good way to meet people, have fun, make friends and have casual play - but again a slight caution that been seen as someone just up for anything with anyone may be off-putting to those who wish for a serious relationship.  A lot depends on exactly what you want.

This does actually increase your chances of any form of group play - because making friends, building trust, etc makes people more want to help you. 

But really the question everyone misses is "what is the other person (or, other people) getting from serving your fantasies?" whilst guys often show to be desperate for anything with anyone, women tend not to be so - so there has to be some form of enjoyment and/or incentive in servicing someone's fantasies.  Which comes back to a question of - what can you offer? Or... moreso...

why do you deserve this?

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