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A nervous subs first time - Part 2

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I pulled away from the kiss and she settled back into her position with her gaze returning to the floor. I loved her obedience and desire to do everything right; it was clear her submissive side came naturally to her - even if it had been hidden for nearly 35 years. I hate to think of the amount of true submissive’ who have these burning natural desires that they keep repressed for fear of ridicule and embarrassment, never truly experiencing that what they crave.

This is what I love most about BDSM - it is the truth. We are all 2 people really - there is the person underneath, the true you, the one who holds the secrets desires and wants and then there is our ego, the outer shell, that person we want to be seen as, the way we wish to be portrayed – the perfect version of our not so perfect self. Unfortunately, maintaining and living up to this image of our perfect self in the outside world, has become more of a priority to most than fulfilling the inner persons true desires - none more so than with submissive BDSM feelings.

When a sub experiences their true desires, the ego is removed. They are stripped, exposed, and the person underneath is revealed. What remains is the truth and there can be no hiding. Ironically, this process produces a freedom in a sub they can never experience in any other situation. There is no pressure to conform, no pressure to be seen as more than they truly are, no pressure to be liked by others – they can find mental freedom from not having to maintain their image and simply accept their role as the submissive.

With the right guidance the subs ego is bypassed and an acceptance of their most basic desires is achieved. – this is what sub space is - the mind finally being freed from the pressures of controlling an image to the world, letting go and acceptance of who they truly are, in that moment. During this time, there is no thoughts of the past or fears of the future, it is the euphoria of truly being free in the present and relinquishing the minds need to control the world around them.

This is what I want for any sub to feel and what I hope Laura will experience, but that does not come easily for there is a lifetime of denial and fear to break through first and most importantly, she needs to know that ultimately, she is safe and protected enough to truly let go in her mind.

Being that this was her first time, it was imperative that I made her feel as safe as possible, to allow her to truly experience the feeling of ‘letting go’ of the need to control her life. I put things in place to ensure Laura felt safe, prior to arriving at my house and I also ensured she knew exactly what to say if she wasn’t enjoying the experience and wanted out. She was in safe hands and to be honest, although she was clearly nervous her focus and desire to show me her obedience was impressive…but we had only just begun!

She was still fully clothed at this point, collared and cuffed with her hands behind her back - it was time for this to change and for her to experience more. I walked round behind her and unclipped the cuffs, allowing her arms to fall by her side.

“Now, my slave” I began

“I am going to head upstairs to collect some things, when I return you will be waiting in the INSPECT position once again but you will have removed your dress this time, is that clear?”

“Yes Master” she replied somewhat nervously.

“Good girl” I said, before heading up.

I waited upstairs far longer than was necessary. I knew it would only take a few seconds for her to get into position but I wanted her to wait, wandering what was coming next, wandering what I would bring down with me to use on her. There is also a mirror on the wall behind the sofa so the image of herself obediently in position would be impossible to resist looking at.

Eventually I headed back down and I was looking forward to seeing what underwear she had chosen to please me. How a sub is dressed has always been a turn on for me in my role as Dom so yes, I was excited to see how well she had done.

The image that greeted me was extremely pleasing and brought a smile to my face – not that she could see my reaction as her gaze was obediently fixed on the floor. I placed my bag of goodies on the sofa and slowly walked around her, once again my hands being unable to resist teasing her exposed body. I am a very tactile person so I find it impossible not to feel and tease an obedient sub of mine. She had on a black silk corset pulled in tight, giving her a curvy hourglass shape, matching bra and thong and stockings attached to suspenders from the corset. With the addition of her high heels she looked exquisite – she had done well and pleased her Master!

She was a curvy girl who had previously expressed to me her dislike of her own body, but that didn’t bother me in the slightest – I am far from perfect myself and do not expect that from a sub, however, I knew she would be feeling paranoid in her current predicament so I wanted to put her at ease. I once again came in close behind and reached my arms around, exploring her semi naked body in its obedient INSPECT position. I slipped my hands under the straps of her silky bra and started to tease her hard nipples once again. With my head over her shoulder, I could feel and hear her reaction to the situation she found herself in.

“Ass out my slave” I whispered in her ear and instantly felt her push back onto my hard cock.

“Can you feel how hard you are making your Master, my slave?” I asked, wanting her to know what affect she was having on me.

“Yes Master” she replied, between heavy breaths.

“You look stunning my slave; your Master is so pleased with you and your choices” I whispered, starting to squeeze her nipples to the point of her legs buckling a little - which she instantly attempted to rectify.

She went to reply to my statement but impressively stopped. I was expecting her to reply with a “Thank you, Master” which would have resulted in a couple of hard spanks, as I did not ask a question and in BLACK, she is forbidden to speak unless asked to reply. The fact that she remained silent demonstrated a surprising focus on her part given this was her first ever time and she was experiencing an onslaught of emotions.

I then asked her a question designed to cause her some sweet humiliation.

“Is that cunt of mine still soaking wet, my slave?”

Humiliation, from my experience, is what so many Dom’s get wrong and mis-understand. Yes, there are female subs who crave to be made to feel worthless, useless and belittled, but this is not the norm. Most subs want to feel adored and cherished by their Dom, their submission to be considered a gift and have it respected. Being submissive is not a weakness, so attacking their character, belittling them or making them feel week for their desire to submit is not humiliation, that is degradation and it’s a totally different thing. I want a sub of mine to feel wonderful in her role, to find a confidence that she can take into her everyday life and possibly ease the need to prove herself there and be more relaxed in herself; that confidence cannot be achieved if you make her feel worthless for having the desire to submit.

The question I asked Laura was to designed to get her to admit that she was loving the control I have over her, that what was happening was in fact her inner most desires and to acknowledge how much it was turning her on. It is forcing her to accept this side of her persona and to stop fighting it and although that may be humiliating for her right now, ultimately it is essential for her to find acceptance.

“Yes Master, it is” she admitted

“Well, let’s see shall we” I replied, removing my right hand from her bra and sliding it back down between her legs. She wasn’t lying, her silky thong was soaking and as I slid my hand under and started to tease her clit, her legs began shaking - forcing her once again to attempt to keep her composure.

Knowing what I was about to put her through, I asked “Do you remember what AMBER and RED mean, my slave?” shifting her focus away from my teasing and probing fingers.

Clearing her throat, she replied “Yes Master”

“Explain it to me” I asked

Desperately trying to focus while I continued to squeeze her nipples, she replied “AMBER means that I love what is happening, but that I cannot take much more, RED means that I want to stop everything and be released”

“And what if you are unable to speak my slave?” I asked

“I will click my fingers Master, two for AMBER, four for RED” she answered

“Good girl” I remarked, before removing my exploring hands and walking away from her - leaving her once more desperately close to cumming, but again, denied.

I hadn’t let her cum in more than two weeks before this visit and what with the amount of edging she was ordered to do she must have been so desperate. But I also know that denying her pleasure only re-enforces her submissive position, which only turns her on even more – oh the sweet frustration!

I walked over to my bag of goodies and rummaged around for a few items, one of which I knew would make her extremely nervous. I pulled out some ropes, a set of clamps and then the item that would she find most intimidating - a steel anal hook.

In our discussions, before she agreed to visit me, we obviously talked about limits, desires etc. and anal play was something she expressed a huge desire to experience, but also feared as she had never done it before. 

I turned back to face her, holding the hook out in front caused a concerned look to appear on her face. I chose the hook with the smallest steel ball that I owned, but I knew it would be enough to intimidate her. I could visibly see her expression change and her mouth open to assist her heavy breathing - which was already restricted by the tightness of the corset she had on.

“I think it’s time you find out what being my slave is truly about” I said, ramping up her anticipation.

I picked up some rope and once again walked behind her. I am by no means a ‘rigger’ but I know enough to get the job done and I set about applying a nice, tight, chest harness. I pulled her tits out from her bra before running the rope around her chest and back repeatedly, above and below her tits - I could feel her arousal from this first taste of real bondage, in her breathing. The rope eventually made its way over her shoulders, down and under the horizontal bonds, pulling them tight together and increasing the pressure on her tits, totally immobilising them. The rope came back up over her shoulders and was secured mid back. I simply could not resist grabbing her tied tits and continuing the teasing of her nipples; producing moans of delight from my helpless girl slave.

I ordered her to place her arms out in front and fetched a simple steel tube with eyelets at both ends - the tube was about ½ metre long and only a couple of inches thick. With additional metal clips I attached one end to the ring on her collar and both her wrist cuffs to the other end, forcing her arms to remain locked out straight in front of her. She then had to remember her previous training again as I said:


This position simply requires her to get on all fours - but that would be too easy for her to remember. It is important that a slave remembers her training and I wanted her to have to focus and recall it, during a time of extreme arousal -she once again did not let me down! Despite being unable to bend her arms and them being locked to her collar, she got down on the floor and into position perfectly, even arching her back to present her ass to me, which was part of her training – I really was impressed with my new slave.

I took some more rope and tied it into her hair - slowly pulling back on it to test the knot and force her head up, before releasing it back. My hands started to explore my helpless, exposed and sexily dressed slave and soon her ass was feeling the gentle burning of a light spanking – nothing harsh, just enough to produce a soft red glow on each exposed cheek. Each blow produced a shallow moan before my hand once again slipped between her legs and teased her soaking cunt. At one point she started to push back onto my fingers which resulted in a couple of harder spanks, just to remind her that she is not allowed to move.

It was at this point that I thought ‘Shit, I forgot to add the clamps before she got on the floor” but, I still had access to her tied tits from this position so I proceeded to get the clamps. I have a few pairs, some more severe than others, but I didn’t know her pain threshold at this time so opted for an adjustable pair with an attached chain linking them together. I got down beside her and proceeded to apply the clamps to her hard nipples, which were forced out and standing erect from the rope harness …and her arousal. They produced some more light squeals and a draw of breath from my slave as I attached them and adjusted the severity to a suitable level - tugging on the chain between them for no other reason than it gave me pleasure to cause her some pain!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted her legs apart or tied together but eventually settled for the latter. I clipped her ankle cuffs together and applied rope above her knees; forcing her legs closed. I also attached more rope from her wrist cuffs to her legs to ensure she was totally immobilised and held perfectly in position on all fours - she was now experiencing total helplessness and I wandered what going through her mind.

It was now time for her to face her fears and receive the hook in her ass, but I didn’t announce this to her - although she obviously knew it was coming at some point. I applied a large amount of lube to the steel ball of the hook, knelt down beside her and moved the rear of her thong to one side.

She gasped and took a large breath in as the cold steel was gently pressed against her open ass for the first time, slowly working its way in, testing the resistance. For 5 minutes I carefully worked the steel ball in and out of her, a little further each time, noticing her reaction each time, then, out of the blue she felt my left hand squeeze her clamped nipple quite hard, resulting in her body flinching and the release of a short yelp. The distraction in her mind to the pain in her nipple relaxed her ass enough to allow me to push the ball in further, until, finally it was accepted inside her.

The shock from the intrusion caused her to moan loudly, her body fought its bonds but she was helpless but to accept the invasion inside her. She was my slave now and she would learn to accept that I can use all of her holes, whenever I desired. However, knowing this was her first time I spent the next few minutes gently stroking her helpless body and affirming to her how well she was doing and how proud and pleased I was of her. Soon the shock of her ass being filled seemed to fade and she calmed down a little, just in time to feel me pull on the rope in her hair, forcing her head up and back. The collar she was wearing was thick and prevented much movement but her head was soon fixed in this position when I tied the rope to the end of the hook. Any attempt to lower her head would now result in increased pressure in her ass from the steel ball inside her.

I stood up and admired my helpless slave from above. Her bound, helpless body, dressed in lovely underwear was a beautiful sight and I was extremely turned on. I truly love to see a slave in tight bondage, especially dressed as she was and I was pretty desperate to fuck her in this position but, I wanted to have some more fun first…the truth is, I wanted to get her to a place where she calls out AMBER.

When I first had newbie subs under my control, I was extremely hesitant about pushing them too far, too soon, but the truth is, you need to find the boundaries of the world the sub has offered you. With good communication beforehand you find out where you can’t go as her Dom - her hard limits - which always need to be respected. Inside of those ‘no go’ areas though she wants no control and to find out how far you can push her, you need to discover the boundaries. I had provided Laura with a clear way of letting me know if I’m reaching those boundaries and the limits of what she can tolerate - this is information I need to know to ensure she gets the most of out of her experience. I would never physically damage her as I am not into extreme pain, so the issue is really, how much could she take? This is what I wanted to find out, this is why I wanted to discover where her AMBER limit is.

I picked up two items from my bag, one was a leash, the other was a remote-control love egg that has an app on my phone to control …I love this toy, especially when out in public!

I attached the leash to her collar but I ran it under the nipple clamp chain too, now, when I pulled on the leash, she was not only forced to follow (not easy in her tight bondage) but the leash also pulled on the chain, resulting in the clamps being tugged. She moaned with each tug of the leash and struggled to follow on all fours, every small movement putting more pressure on the rope between her head and the anal hook as well as tugging on the clamps. It was by no means easy for her to follow due to the bondage she found herself in, but she soon facing the sofa, head first, albeit a little out of breath from the struggle.

She soon felt my finger inside her cunt again, teasing, probing and causing moans of pleasure from my girl. The egg slipped inside her so easily and produced a much deeper moan; both her ass and cunt were filled now while helpless in position.

I took a seat on the sofa directly in front of her. With my legs apart, her head, which was forced to remain up, was between my knees. All I could see were her blue eyes longingly looking up at me. I truly felt she had accepted her position and I could see the desire in her pretty face. I ran my hands over her head and asked “Are you ok, my slave?”

“Yes Master, your slave girl is feeling wonderful, thank your Master” she replied, which touched my caring side and resulted in my leaning forward and kissing her glossy red lips once more.

“Good girl” I said.

I picked up my phone, opened the app that controls the egg buried inside her and put it on low, causing her mouth to open in pleasure as the vibrations ran riot.

“Now my slave, I am going to have some fun with you” I said, before turning the power up higher and watching her face - helpless to hide the delight the egg was giving her.

“You are not allowed to cum, you do not have permission, so when you get close to cumming, you will beg me to deny you pleasure. That’s right, I want you to beg me to turn off the egg and deny you pleasure, is that clear?”

“Yes Master” came a reply with a sense of lust and frustration.

I leant back on the sofa and watched my helpless slave girl as I tormented her with the egg. Every time I felt she was getting close and about to say something, I slowed it down, let her calm down before starting again. I continually switched patterns and basically tormented her for about 20 mins. Her gaze was forced to look in my direction from the predicament bondage she found herself in and after experiencing the egg on full for a while, she looked me straight in the eyes and finally said:

“Master, please Master can you deny your slave pleasure, please Master your slave is going to cum, please Master, please deny your slave pleasure, your slave does not want to cum without permission, please Master”

Having to beg for ‘denial’ should be a different experience to that of begging to cum for a slave. It is forcing her to ask for your control, rather than release, which should only re-enforce her submissive position.

I switched off the egg instantly and watched as she tried to catch her breath, awash with pleasure, pain, joy and frustration. To be honest I was amazed at my new girl - even during the most intense emotional experience of her life (probably) she didn’t use the word “Me” and referred to herself as “your slave” which she was supposed to do in BLACK, I was so impressed with her desire to be the most obedient slave she could be.

“You’re such a good slave” I said, before standing up, revealing how hard and turned on I was!

“Now, as the pleasure has stopped my slave, you can focus on some pain”

With that she felt my hand come down hard onto her right ass cheek, the sort of spank that creates a lovely sound and caused my slave to gasp aloud from the pain she was helpless but to accept.

“You will count out loud my slave, you will thank your Master and then ask for another” I ordered, before another spank landed on her left cheek this time. After the initial gasp from this next blow to her peachy ass cheek, my slave said:

“One, thank you Master, please can your slave have another”

“Two, thank you Master, please can your slave have another”

“Three, thank you Master, please can your slave have another”

Every spank would cause her to pull on the hook buried in her ass. She was tied tight but even the smallest of movement would accentuate that feeling and she unable to not flinch each time she felt my hand land on her ass

This continued until I reached 16 and her ass was glowing a wonderful cherry red. The gasps became shrieks and grew louder with each spank. Saying what she was ordered to say became harder and more laboured. I was about to continue with another blow when finally, she said


The spanking stopped instantly and was replaced with a gentle rubbing of her burning cheeks to aide her recovery. I sat back down on the sofa and gazed into her eyes as I told her how proud I was of her and what a wonderful slave she is. Her eyes rolled as I turned the egg back on and the pleasure filled her cunt and body once more. I noticed she was deliberately attempting to pull her head down and create more pressure in her ass at the same time - I guess anal was not something she needed to fear!

 I slowly turned up the egg and watched as she became lost in the pleasure of the experience. I whispered the words she was desperate to hear:

”You can cum my slave”

This caused a huge intake of breath as she was finally allowed to let go…the egg vibrated hard, my slave squirmed and struggled in her bondage, her mind let go from the freedom of having permission to cum and soon she was swallowed up by an enormous orgasm ripping through her body. She could not contain the pleasure and screamed out loud, the orgasm seemed to keep going, over and over waves of pleasure filled her soul, her body shook, her eyes closed in a world of pleasure until finally it died down….tired, emotionally drained and free from any thoughts other than how she was feeling, she said

“Thank you, Master”

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I only made it to the 4th paragraph before being nearly in tears
A most excellent completion of your writing!
I have enjoyed your way of sharing not only the experience, but also your thoughts and motives. It’s those thoughts and motives, so relatable, that make these a learning opportunity for both.
4 hours ago, Catsailor69 said:

A most excellent completion of your writing!
I have enjoyed your way of sharing not only the experience, but also your thoughts and motives. It’s those thoughts and motives, so relatable, that make these a learning opportunity for both.

Thanks once again for your kind words!

  • 2 weeks later...
Wow beautifully written once again. As the reader completely transported to the story. Compelling I could not stop reading
  • 2 weeks later...

I thoroughly enjoyed your 2 part story, I must say I do like the Master/Slave wording more then other honorifics. This was very sexy and a great insight into the dynamic thank you.

1 hour ago, Vic1077 said:

I thoroughly enjoyed your 2 part story, I must say I do like the Master/Slave wording more then other honorifics. This was very sexy and a great insight into the dynamic thank you.

Thanks for your kind comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes the Master/slave dynamic is my preferred choice. I often find resistance to it from subs though, who have no desire to be treated like a ‘slave’ which I understand. So it takes some work to assure them that it is just a ‘term’ and doesn’t reflect how I Dom!

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