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Error 502 bad gateway


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Yeah, this is still a issue. 

Can't see most of the site.

Troubleshooted by deleting history and browser cache. Didn't help.

Contacted support, no help.. just a "sorry"..


502 errors are usually temporary - I trust this is now resolved?


Nope, still happening. 

Can only look at profiles, the chat room and the forum. The rest of the site is all errors. 

It's the same on any device. 

Starting to think it's something wrong specifically with my profile. 

The admin and the email help person have not messaged back. It's really frustrating. 


Had it happen to me before. It was automatically resolved. 


@Laurah thank you for pointing out the problem. We managed to find the issue and fixed it earlier on. If the problem still exist for you, please logout and login again.


thank you ever so much!
you are a good bean.

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