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What is hypnosis?


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I have seen a few people asking about hypnosis (and erotic hypnosis). I thought I'd share the info I give people when I do what we call a pretalk. A pretalk is where I help clarify many of the misunderstandings about hypnosis, or erotic hypnosis.
We all think we know what it is, but a lot of people don't know, for example that all of these things, and more are hypnosis:

* Watching a movie
* Reading a book
* Having sex
* Walking in nature
* Driving

Are all forms of hypnosis (AKA trance).

So, here is pretalk info about hypnosis. Feel free to ask about it, if you're curious.



See pretalk below ...

A few things about hypnosis.

What the heck is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of heightened attention. It can be anything from the “flow state” where learning and studying is almost effortless to that period when you’re falling asleep at bedtime. When you feel between asleep and awake.

Trance and Hypnosis are the same thing. You can have trance, or hypnosis at just about any level of alertness. From when you’re driving, to when your mind wanders off to wherever, to just as you fall asleep.

We use trance (or hypnosis) to help you communicate with your unconscious mind. The unconscious part of the mind is the part that does all the things you don’t consciously think about. For example, you don’t tell your heart to beat. The unconscious does that for you. Also, the unconscious does things you rarely think about, like moving your arms and legs, or keeping a kind of database of your habits and beliefs.

Some habits and beliefs are fine, but others you may try to change, but the change doesn’t stick, that where hypnosis would help you. Let’s say, for example you love eating cookies, but you can’t stop eating them. You tell yourself you want to (if that’s your habit) and you might stop for a while, but then you go back to eating cookies (or whatever your unwanted habit, or way of thinking might be).

In hypnosis you get your unconscious mind to change that program to something more useful for you.

When do we experience trance (or hypnosis)? When you’re engrossed in a book, or a great movie, when you’re having sex, when you’re in a lecture or a play and you lose track of time. When someone is singing or speaking well, and you just hang on every word. You have been in trance hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. It’s a normal and natural part of the way your mind works.

Hypnosis is a cooperative experience. I know the movies make it seem like mind control, but that’s only fantasy or role play. Hypnosis is a partnership, we’re sharing the experience, I am like a guide leading you on a journey and you are following my suggestions. If you had a guide into the wilderness, you’d listen to their suggestions in order to have the best experience possible.

It’s still your journey, I can’t make you do anything you wouldn’t want to normally do. If I said, “Take this gun and rob that store.” Under hypnosis, you wouldn’t do it. If I said, “Give me your credit card info “You’d say no.” You won’t do anything you find reprehensible.

Hypnosis isn’t sleep. You are always fully aware of what I am saying, and that’s the point, I want you to be experiencing and enjoying hypnosis. We are partners in the process. I can’t control you; some people do role play where they pretend, but we’re not doing role play in this case.

You can’t be hurt by hypnosis. It’s safe and pleasurable. To suggest hypnosis can harm you is to suggest that daydreaming can harm you. You also can’t be stuck in hypnosis. If I told you to go into hypnosis and I left the room or dropped dead, you’d probably just fall asleep for a little while, take a short nap, then wake up and wonder where the heck I ran off to. I have no desire to leave you alone while doing hypnosis, anyway.

The best hypnotic subjects are very intelligent, very creative, very curious, and playful people.

You’ll remember everything that happened. I want you to remember how pleasurable everything we do is for you. I want you to want more.

At any time, you can open your eyes and leave the room. For example, if a fire alarm goes off in your building you will wake up and check that everything is okay, and you can come back and start where you were, if you want to.

I want you to have an open, curious, and playful attitude. I want you to let go and fully enjoy the experience; I want you to remember so we can talk about anything you want to talk about from the experience.

You can’t make a mistake or mess anything up. Your experience is going to be perfect.

Do not try to make anything happen, simply follow my commands or suggestions, and wait for things to happen. For example, some people have goosebumps of excitement, or their breathing increases as they enjoy the suggestions.

In hypnosis we use the word “Sleep” but sleep doesn’t mean go to bed and sleep, it means allow your mind and body to relax more fully. Sleep is a lot easier to say than saying allow your mind and body to relax more fully. Sleep basically means “Focus even more on the pleasurable, pleasant, relaxing feelings you’re feeling.”

If you need to move or scratch, it’s fine. Hypnosis is very forgiving. You can move and scratch and still have a great experience.

Hypnosis can feel like something, or it can feel like nothing. Some people feel heavy, some feel light, and some just feel like they are sitting in a chair.



I've been learning erotic hypnosis and people seem to want to do it and know about it, which is pretty cool. Let me know if any of you have questions about the post, either here or message me. If I have a minute I'll answer any questions I can.

Very good read, I learned a lot thank you for sharing this with us. I am going to go through hypnosis to help me stop cigarettes.

Hypnosis can help. I would however, recommend also using something called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It's based on "Chinese Medicine". If you know what reflexology is (The meridian system of the body ~ Like acupuncture, only without the use of needles) EFT is also called "tapping" because you are gently tapping on meridian points on your body.

Places like the top of your head, your eyebrow and so forth. I would put links so you could learn more but I don't think I'm allowed to. Anybody can PM me and I will find some info for you. Might be easy for you to start by looking on good old youtube.

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