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Hi i like my cock and balls tied up . What are peoples preferences to how they are tied up ? Any ideas on knots please

Hi, I too love my family jewels tied-up. I've been searching for other like minded on the Internet, as to HOW to tie-up the said, but clarity is a prob, both photographic and method. Seems most successful way involves a 3rd party to do the honours.

Actually its very easy to do yourself, just need someone to demonstrate


i love tieing cock and balls i carry ribben every where i go
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Absolutely love CBT myself.. 

I use thick round trainer laces which are perfect for the job.. 

I also love using cock and ball rings, Rubber cook loops, Silicon ball stretchers, a stainless steel chastity cage..  which is awesome when you get a erection.. I love my  Parachute ball stretcher with 4kg weights and a Wooden Humbler which is great for using a Wartenberg wheel on your exposed balls..


I also have two penis pumps which can give a little pain when your penis is pumped up really hard..

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