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Domestic Discipline ideas


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I’ve recently begun a DD relationship. My HoH is looking for ideas for disciplining me and any other ideas about how he can generally show me who is in charge in the relationship.  Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a domestic discipline forum?



Few of the things that my Mistress uses in the omestic discipline forum of ideas. 

Obviously there's painful punishments spanking caning riding crops etc

Corner time ,naughty step, being made to sit at her feet in the evenings ,not being allowed to shower or sit down for dinner  before her 

It can be anything really as long as you both agree beforehand.

I dunno if there's a domestic discipline forum itself but the forum has lots of people happy to help here. 


I guess a question is also what would you be comfortable with - or - the right level of uncomfortable with.

I mean, a good belting might put you in line - but no good if that's something that you really are uncomfortable with.

Yu need to work within the domestic discipline forum that works for you. 

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domestic discipline forum would be a good idea. 

Corner time with potty control issues happens, just like with the book 101 Diaper Punishments.  But this can be paired with certain laxative drinks or even hollow butt plugs.:relieved:  As in a D/S dynamic of Reverse Potty Training play, so trying harder to hold or release it all causes situational anxiety for accidents.  This difficulty is negotiating post scene cleanup and aftercare, just like planning the correct chair for the wetting accident to occur in, so post play will not lead to a truly ugly run-away situation.  When details of what is set in motion are evaluated, such as Law-Enforcement coming to investigate, or unplanned for property damage from bodily waste.  Ripe situations attract those loving drama, so scene negotiation is critical. 

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