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I like this site, in fact I think it is a lot better than other sites of which I am a member, but I feel there is some room for improvement and I'd like this thread to be the method for members to make their suggestions. to admin.

Please make any criticisms constructive. i.e. If a member is asked to verify because they are suspected fake / scammer and they don't verify after a certain period (one month?) can the profiles and any conversations they've had be made hidden so they don't crop up in search or history. Rather than. I hate the fakes and scammers on here.

This site does show that reported members have been asked to verify which is a big plus. Thank you.


Thank you for your feedback! 

All profiles that are a month inactive get taken out of the search results.  

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I'd like the rating system to be optional. I have noticed a theme on women are rated high and men are always down rated by other men (mostly). But mostly because I don't understand the need for it....I mean isn't the site somewhere for people not to be judged and rated on looks? :/

So yes optional rating system (if it's not already there) would be great and fair :)


How about sorting amount the said raiting system so that when you press 5 stars it gives 3 you cant alter this and I find my self explaining what's happend not good and this has been the same for over a year.. not my device..happend on multiple..


But I do agree with countlessxx. 

That this system is not good on the judgment front when someone has plucked up courage to post a pic for some moron to come along and make then feel shit with one star.  

The fetish/kink life style is not about raiting or judgement it's about acceptance .so in that this appears misguided. 

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Obviously the issues with photos as you all know from my thread on here 😂😂


But I agree with the rating system on here as MrC says why should people be judged on photos when for someone like me who has to pluck the courage up sometimes to even put photos on here (I do suffer with low confidence some days) then having to see that some photos are being given 1 or 2 stars it does knock your confidence. 


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Would be better to just have a "Like" option for photos, that way people can either click to like it or not. No hurt feelings, people still get a confidence boost from being liked, & the likers still get their 5 points. Problem solved, & everyone is happy.


I'd go along with the like option, rather than a rating. i only give a rating of 4 or 5 for those photos I especially like. Anything less than that I don't bother rating. I know of a couple of other sites that give a like (or love) rating and it seems to go down well.


Yes definitely agree with @DeadManWalking with the like rating and still getting your 5 points would be better than a star rating. 


I think also if you can rate pictures on free membership surely then you should be able to comment on pictures also why should you have to pay for that?! 

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Help us in identifying moderators with an icon or special name.

Add more of a variety of emoticons/gifs to the chat



If you could setup the entrance to join chat... the user has to scroll past the chat rules to the bottom then tap agreed THEN be able to join the chat.  Most don't even notice the same colour yet bold link to chat rules. 


locking this as we now have a dedicated thread for feedback - wasn't expecting a post from 4 years ago to be bumped! 

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