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Just Because It's My Kink, Does Not mean I Understand It.


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I've been into kinky stuff for as long as i can remember and explored various aspects of it.  I am not connected to any 'scene' and would not consider myself as 'highly experienced' in any of it.  I've been into uniforms, pvc, rubber as I'm sure all of you have.  In recent years I've migrated to examining the 'sissymaiding' side of me.  I really enjoy it.  On my journey through Kinkdom I've come to a few realisations that seem to work for me.  I'd be interested in yours.

1) - While I know what i like, I've no idea why.  I cant place an event in my life or anything in particular - so you simply have to accept it and roll with it.

2) - Having a definition of a kink does not mean we're into it for the same reasons (necessarily).


For example, I'm quite at home doing my maiding in a pvc uniform and being submissive to the lady (as many sissymaids are) - I will do my chores and curtsy in all the right places.  However, one of the most erotic experiences I had was when she managed to arrange for me to work as part of housekeeping for the day in a hotel - with proper maid / housekeeping uniform.  No pvc, no scenario, and proper cleaning / hard work.  No idea why - but loved every min of it.  I've also had a morning slot in a hairdressing salon, sweeping the floor and being a tea girl for the hair dressers....loved that as well.  Absolutely nothing to do with sex or sexual scenarios - just maiding - and as simple as that.

I'm also into (to a lesser degree) nappy *** but I am not an adult baby (weird right?).  For me I like the feel of the nappy (rubbery) and the *** factor.  I would never dream of 'using' it as its a mechanism of control and ***.  I've not chatted to many nappy fetishists that dont 'use' them - but I dont and that does nothing for me.  It's odd as again, I've no idea why.....

I am no longer bothered about working out 'what it all means' but as an educated individual I do try to reflect as much as I can on my kinks and why some things work and some do not.

Over to you kinksters.     

You aren't alone friend. Many of my kinks are puzzling to me. Puzzling but also beautiful. A beauty few can see. Both captivating and curious. It's truly hard to describe the feelings and passion associated. No one needs to understand your kinks but you. However, there are plenty of us who understand what it's like to be misunderstood. To seek that understand. I've found solace in that. I believe we all have someone out there that truly will get it. Get you. But for now know I and many others appreciate how beautifully unique you are.

Hi AndiBoi - thanks so much - that's really nice of you to take the time and say.

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