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No one can see my public pics , at all. I have set my settings so that everyone should be able to view them but that is not the case. Is this feature locked behind a pay wall?? Also when I try to submit a support ticket it takes me to the support site in GERMAN, with no way to translate it. I do not read or speak German.  With all your pics hidden away aside from your profile image how are people even supposed to know what you look like and that your genuine.  I purposefully share my messy pics so that people understand what I am into.


Hi Milesh,

Photos initially go to be reviewed for approval

any of your posts marked as SFW anyone can see.   Anything marked as NSFW only people with a membership can view.

If you think one of your pictures is tagged incorrectly then using the 'help' option at the bottom of the screen will take you to where you can raise tickets (in English!) 

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