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Live in Sub Curiosity


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Hello sorry this is my first ever post on a forum of any kind. I am a 22 year old guy. I have always been submissive in my everyday life but have only recently really embraced it in a sexual way. I really love it and enjoy the aspect of serving. My questions is what the best way is to get in contact with other who are interested in having a live in sub.


while there are people with live in subs; the concept is much more fantasy based.

I know folk who decided to advertise for a live in sub, or something close to one (i.e. you don't live *with* me/us but you live close enough to serve most days) and end up very sharply regretting it

It actually costs them a lot to have a live in sub; since you will need a space to sleep. An extra mouth to feed. Extra space to heat. etc. So then sometimes there are some who have advertised and then asked for a monthly fee for this and people gone "oh, so it's all about the money" ignoring the fact that the subs presence is an expense.

This said.  My first words are that there are people with them.  In general people are going to be wary about having a stranger live with them and of course a lot of arrangements don't last as it doesn't match the subs fantasy, or becomes harder work for the Dominant than having a 'servant' should.  Like, if you fuck up or don't do a task - the task STILL needs doing and you'll probably be expecting some form of play as 'punishment'

So the first thing is to understand the realities

- You will have to contribute to the household expenses.  

- You will have tasks need completing and if you mess up then it is going to piss people off but the likely punishment is for you to leave and not come back

- If you are going to be spending a lot of time with someone it needs to be someone you can get along with

- Play time might be a thing, but it's not going to be a staple of daily life.  

- Also, your Dominant is likely to be plain clothes most of the time, and while some subs have the fantasy of living naked, or dressed up, etc. this isn't fair on the neighbours.

- It's probably closer to being like Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows

So, if you understand those realities - do you have skills?  can you cook? I mean - cook.  Do you know how to clean - like - right products for right jobs - do you have any other useful skills? Handiman?

Next, as I say - folk aren't really going to be interested in a stranger in their house and it's also important you have someone you can connect with : why not go out in your local kink community and meet folk.  See what they like, what makes them tick - just, don't start conversations with "can I live with you?" - you need to build friends and connections first even if it does become a desire you can talk about at least after you've broken the ice. 



Occasionally we have joked about having a live in sub - though, not *in* as our place is small, but nearby that we can call them when the dishes need doing.  But then that's not always entirely fair - cos they have lives too...


My advice is....it is something you build towards. You need to go through the process of fine tuning your dynamic before you decide whether to explore a Live-in situation.

In the end its like any regular relationship, its something you build upto.
You wouldnt move in with a vanilla partner straight away so why.would you do it with a dominant?
There is also you will find that you will be asked to contribute towards house hold bills by maintaining a job just like a standard vanilla relationship. But thats something you work out between you and the dominant.
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