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Sub story: Under the Arches


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I've been lying here for five minutes now.
I might say "patiently"
but it's not like I could go anywhere.
I'm on my back with my legs tied wide open.
My arms are by my side.
Beneath me, runs a cord connecting my wrists.
I could sit up,
maybe even get to my feet.
I just lie there.

I've been listening to her prepare.
Trying to get some clues
as to what might happen.
She's definitely up to something.

Finally I hear her walking towards me.
Slow, heavy steps.
What does that mean?
I turn my head.
She is wearing a pair of magnificent boots,
thigh high with enormous platform soles.
As she gets closer,
I can see that the platforms each have a huge arch in them
from heel to toe.

Before I can think more about it,
she lifts one foot
and brings the boot down.
The arch surrounds my neck.
There's no pressure
but there's also no wiggle room.
Her face lights up in a smile.
"It fits perfectly",
she says, delighted.

Now I am completely ***.

She slides the boot a little further up,
pressing against my throat.
I can still breathe
but any attempt to talk
would fail embarrassingly.
I know better than to try.

Next, she lays something on my chest.
I feel something cold against my nipples.
She brings the other boot down on top.
As she puts some weight on it
I feel some nasty, sharp pins
biting into me.
I exhale sharply,
it comes out as a rasp.

"Don't go weak on me,
there's far worse than that to come!"

She is standing balanced now,
one foot pinning my neck to the ground,
the other on my chest.
All I can see is the side of one beautiful, long leg
disappearing into her tight dress.

She brings a riding crop to my chin.
"You should get to know this.
It's going to get to know you",
she says with a smirk.
"Lick it".

I push out my tongue.
I taste leather.
It's smooth and soft.
Nothing remarkable.
I move my tongue all around it
making sure to be seen to obey.

"Now the other side", as she turns it over.
I feel something rough.
It doesn't taste of leather.
I can't be sure
but I think that's sand-paper.
What is she planning?

The crop is gone.
Her weight shifts,
reigniting the *** in my nipples
but before I can react to that,
the crop is back,
whacking into my balls.
The sudden *** knocks the breath out of me,
a loud moan escapes,
distorted by her boot against my throat.

Several more sharp whacks and I am in agony.
she is being unusually aggressive tonight.
I don't think I can take another.

"Mistress please", I gargle through the boot on my throat.

"Too much for you?", she asks,
each word accompanied by a quick tap of the crop.


She smiles down at me and then turns away again.

I feel the crop's leather at the base of my hard cock
then moving up the shaft to the tip.
She rubs it back and forth,
it's a pleasant feeling
and then it's gone again.
I brace for an impact
but instead I feel the crop,
once again at the base of my cock.
This time I feel that coarse sand-paper moving up the shaft.
As she reaches the tip,
I explode in ***.
She works it back and forth,
under and over,
seeking out the most sensitive spots,
making me sing in agony.

I see her free hand reach up inside her dress.
What was it she said when we met?
"Nothing turns me on
like the moans of pleasure and ***
of a bound man"

All *** so far.

I hear her start to moan as her fingers get to work.

She looks down at me.
The tip of my cock is in blazing agony
and she knows it.
"Is it too much?", she asks,
as she presses harder.
"Yes", I gasp.
"Alright, let's see how your balls are doing now, shall we?
Do let me know whenever you need to switch back again."
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