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Disabled & Chronically sick kink


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Looking for other disabled and chronically unwell folks or those who play with other disabled kinksters in the lifestyle who may have advice, support or guidance to me.


I've recently lost much of my vision and I've been diagnosed with a Neurologial disorder that often makes me unwell and can affect me in varying degrees fluctuating dramatically from week to week and even day to day.


It means I often won't know if I can meet let alone play until the day and it also means I'm often completely unable to get online for extended periods.

I actually pride myself on reliability and keeping my word on things which makes having to cancel lots or just not being able to carry on online conversation all the time particularly hard.


I don't want to let people down but I just can't help it.


I have been in the lifestyle over 20 years and both me and my hubby want to play when we can and are very much into same room swinging and play but I am now wondering if I will need to retire from kink/bdsm and swinging because of what's going on with my health.


I mean me having issues with, congnative function, speaking, balance, mobility, sight loss and being in huge amounts of *** doesn't feel particularly sexy to me.


I often need to use a wheelchair or some kind of aid and we are moving into an adapted bungalow because of this.... Not to mention I'm having cane training due to becoming parcially sighted.


The thing is when I'm well enough I'm still crazy horny and well even when I'm not well I often am (Thanks to hypersexualality 😂😜

I often joke the last thing I'll do is wank on my death bed before I pop my clogs haha

I don't know really the object of this post, absolutely not sympathy more just to get stuff of my chest and maybe gain support.


If you've been or are in a similar situation as far as health issues and disabilities how do you take that into consideration with this lifestyle??


Should I put this on my profile so people are aware?


Or at what stage in chatting to potential play mates do I tell people about this??


I guess a part of me worries that it will just put people off ... But maybe that's a good thing, as I ask myself do I really want to be friends or play with people who would write me off for this?


I mean I'm still me, my desires are the same, I'm still someone who has spent 20 years plus exploring the lifestyle and swinging with like minded people, I'm absolutely filthy with few hard limits and I still love sex and BDSM!


If someone can't get passed the fact I'm sick and visually impaired they're probably not people I want to associated with anyway.


I mean above is true and what I should and do mostly feel but I guess deep down I'm still thinking about how others think of me and their judgement.

Another question is are there any groups or online munches specific to Disabled and chronically unwell kinksters and those who they are in dynamics with that anyone knows of?


That's about it right now, gonna attempt to reply to some of the 50 messages in my inbox now while I have a little focus and time.


Thanks in advance for reading and listening to me.


Stay Kinky Sluts and Perves



It’s up to you when to share. I have found that people are afraid of things they don’t understand or are unfamiliar with. So it’s best if you can meet people in person and let them see the awesome person that you are before making any judgments about what you can and can’t do.

Some people will be understanding, and some just won’t. I have a chronic illness that affects me from time to time. My family has zero understanding and acceptance of it, but I have found some wonderful kinkster friends who have no problem at all with it. So your circle of play partners may be limited by it, but I’ll bet the ones you do get will be high caliber people.

A specific group would be cool, but disability can be fetishized. So that’s something you’ll have to decide how you feel about as well, if you want to be objectified like that. There was a blind woman who came to a lot of my local parties. Everyone was really great about going up to her and greeting her. Most people are cool if you give them a little education on your needs.

Thankgod some one approached this subject , I feel u *** ❤️ I’m following this post as I’m back I. The game after being diagnosed with a hidden disability - so far I’ve found putting it out there straight away to get it over with is best , x

Same same.
I’ve been dealing with my shit for 15 or 20 years now.
I’ll tell ya what.
I’ll send you a dm with my name and number and all. You can call and you’re welcome to include your husband.
I can answer everything you mentioned up there.
6 hours ago, Martin_S1969 said:

Have a look at Outsiders Clubhouse on FB it’s a private group for those with a whole range of disabilities to meet others and get advice and more.

I cnt find this on fb

Such an honest and open post. Beautiful to read and brave. If u have tine after all the replies I'd like to chat- have experience of some of what you mentioned. Night x
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