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Buying toys


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So I am desperate to buy myself some kinky toys and maybe a few outfits. However I am worried that the people I live with will be able to tell what the packages are

How discreet is "discreet packaging" and are there any places you would recommend buying from?

Hi please recommend but please no external links thank you 

Get them delivered at a local ups store and pick them up yourself.;)
My landlady recently demanded I give her property assessor immediate access to my room with no notice ...I told her that was an unreasonably short notice for me to deflate the blow up doll. Don't worry, packages are usually boxed or wrapped ...anyway, everyone has sex toys and paraphernalia these days. An old gf's brother asked her if she had an electric toothbrush that had started making noises while he was helping her move house ...it was of course her vibrator that had accidentally got switched on in the box.
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tootimid* They even have a free toy of the week, just pay shipping and handling. If you buy something in addition to the free toy, there is no additional s&h.

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discreet depends on whether people know or not

if the postmark is LH Trading then some people know it's Love Honey.
you're sometimes better just going to a local kink market.

Buy from Amazon They're packaging doesn't say d**** or s** t*** lol
For whatever reason I got a 25% discount through my work at l*ve h*n*y and there were no issues there. Truth be told I forgot about it and when it arrived in my parcel box I was like ‘what’s this then’ and it was when I opened I remembered placing the order.
I remember being in my early 20s, the site said discreet packaging which it was, a bubble jiffy bag....however the contents were latex knickers with 2 internal dildos which were very easy to feel through. More to my embarrassment was i got a card through my door from the post office to go collect. When i arrived to collect the gentleman disappeared and came back with a few more gents appearing around the corner.
I got my parcel, on inspection it had a very clear tear so a peak inside had been taken.
I think they gave me the card to see who would come collect it 😂😂.
So bubble jiffy bags i try to avoid if the company uses them and the item im buying is 'distinctive'
bondza is great it all comes in a brown box if that helps
Pink cherry is discreet just plain brown box

most online shops have discrete packaging. (plain box or plain bubble mailers). If you scroll to the bottom of most sites, or the FAQ section they usually will state "discrete" or "plain" packaging.


The toy itself will almost always come in a packaging that is not discrete. (But will not be visible until you open the box).


The vast majority of sellers will or should have "posted in discreet" packaging.  

Etsy for some real good hand made and unique items.

Or if you can see when some of the fet markets are running, in the UK we are lucky to have the BBB once a month in Birmigham and the London Fet market.

I can't say for other countries or areas as i haven't seen that many advertised of late.  IF your looking for a specific area you could post a thread and someone closer or knowing that local could give you some ideas.



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I use to have that problem when I kept the kinky side of me hidden. That’s one of the reasons when they found out and I didn’t have to hide it anymore. That opened up so many more possibilities.
Believe, people finding out isn’t such a bad thing
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