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Primal Hunt:

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The smell of summer is in the night air, a mixture of grass, leaves, dampened earth and the scent of ***, excitement, sex, lust, and desire.

The Beast scratching at the surface. 

Patience is a hunter’s best tool, waiting for the exact moment to pounce. 

Telling you to take what belongs to you; she doesn’t know it yet but she’s yours.

Zeroing in on your target,

She knows she is being hunted; she even secretly desires it. 

Your mesmerizing eyes pinning her down, her eyes call to you, the depth of secrets they hide.

She is torn between running away, and running into your arms.

Her face blushes as you gaze right into her soul, reading her mind and body like a well versed book.

Her heart races in her chest, the adrenaline is pulsing through her veins, 

Your mouth waters, wanting to test her skin with your teeth; taste the salty sweetness of her body on your tongue.

To feel her muscles constrict with equal measure *** and pleasure by your hands.

Breathing in her sweet delicious scent; Mixing in yours marking your territory.

Her wet pussy will stretch from your cock thrusting deep inside and filling her with your seed, you will always be in her body and mind. 

Leaving your marks so she is reminded of your ownership and the adoration you have for her.

There is a devilish grin on your face thinking about all of these delicious acts.

Stalking towards her; daring her to run.

The hunt is on, you won’t stop until you’ve claimed her.

To run free together, she will resist at first but will want to be captured and enjoyed by her primal.

Finding safety and love within each other; together giving what the other needs. 

Dominance, Submission; two sides of the same coin. 

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