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Hypnofetish effects


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This is a bit of an interesting thing I've thought about for a while and heard so many different things about.
How effective is hypnosis in kinky situations? I personally watch a lot of sissy hypnosis and haven't seen much of a change from before watching it. However I am more adventurous with my sissy play so wondering if it worked completely, it encouraged me to be more free and experiment or if it has had no effect?

I've heard stories of people doing things they'd never dream of doing under the influence but I have heard others say that it doesn't work at all and I have heard people say it only works if you let it work.

What is your experience with it?
It's not going to change the core of who you are, but it could be the little push to do the things you are drawn to do.
That's the best answer I can give without listening to what you've tried and chatting with you some more. Always happy to talk Hypno ;)
First thing to remember is hypnosis videos are largely faked and the people in them are actoring. Hypnosis cannot turn you into a mindless robot doing whatever you are told.
If can only reduce inhibitions in areas you are subconciously drawn to.and create triggers that allow you to relax.
My experience with hypnosis is? It only works if you totally completely buy into it. As was mentioned earlier. It won't turn you into a mindless robot, under someone else's control. But it will get you to do things you are already predisposed to do. I've done it many, many, times, and it does work for me. The first time was strictly by accident. Of the times i have been involved in "Hypnosis shows." In front of live audiences. I can assure you these are Not! "Plants" or actors! What you are seeing is very on the spot real!
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