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Daddy's Love

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She looked up in anticipation as she saw him hard and eager, he pulled his foreskin back exposing his deeply coloured head with a drop of his pre cum forming. A low slow breath escaped her lips as she gazed over what she was about to receive, he held the base of the shaft guiding his head the slide up and down her moist lips. Her body instinctively reacting to the feeling of his eagerness sliding between her lips, they yearned for him the sink in and disappear between them. Slowly and deliberately he pushed and guided himself up and down her lips and over her clit, every inch of him was lightning on her clit as he rubbed and dragged himself over her.


He reached out and held onto her, pinning her in place, she looked up begging for him to take her and own her as she moaned silently. His other hand slipped behind her knee keeping her open ready for him when he decided to plunder the treasure offered to him. He looked her in her eyes straight into her soul, she could feel him exploring and seeing every part of her that she kept hidden, even from herself. He was a blank canvas as she looked back up at him, his emotions and feelings hidden behind the mask of the Daddy. He was calm and deliberate with his actions as he teased, her twitching body with her body screaming for the release having him inside of her.


The emotions she was feeling overwhelming her needing to release them, she knew what she needed to do for her Daddy to give her everything she needed.


“Daddy your BabyGirl needs you, your BabyGirl loves you. I love you Daddy, I’m yours always!” she mumbled her emotions too much for her.


She cried silently as she finally felt Daddy push his large angry head inside of her, she reached out and grabbed onto his arms holding her as she whimpered. He watched her blank and emotionless looking into her as only her Daddy could do, he breathed out slowly as he sank his full length inside of her. He felt her part and open up for him as his head slick with his pre cum and her juices, deeper and deeper it made it way inside of his BabyGirl. She tensed and gripped onto him her nails digging deep into his fore arms, not realising how they broke his skin, so intense was the wellspring of emotions that erupted inside of her. Only when he had sank his entire head and shaft inside of her, pulling her to him ignoring the pain of her nails digging into him.


He leaned down watching her cry and sob from the release of her emotions, he kissed her lips as they trembled. He tasted the saltiness of her tears on her lips as he kissed her slowly, there was passion and feel with each kiss. He could feel her emotions trembling through her body as he held her to him, she closed her eyes as she kissed him her body racked by her feelings. He held her as a man does with his most precious of treasures the woman he loves, the reason he strives to better himself everyday to make her proud to be his BabyGirl. His heart broke as he looked down as saw her emotions raw and open like a wound, he needed her to tell him she loved him as much as she needed to.


After a thousand heart beats that time stilled for, she opened her eyes slowly, her eyes red with her emotions. He could see fear and uncertainty mixed behind her eyes, with her love clouding the mist of her heart.


“Daddy loves his BabyGirl, he will always love his BabyGirl. You are my everything!” He told her, feeling her breathe on his lips.


She hid her head in his chest as she gave herself willingly to her emotions, too tired to hide and fight them alone. He slowly pulled back till his head was almost free before thrusting back inside of her, slow and powerful thrusts as she wrapped her whole body around him. He could smell the sweet smell of her hair, filling his nostrils with each breathe, his emotions now getting closer to bettering him.


He focused and pushed his emotions down as right now the only thing that mattered was his BabyGirl, she needed him and he was going to make sure she was never left wanting. After a while she relaxed with the slow thrusts of his cock, he knew he was rubbing her in just the right spot. He knew her so well with just a look he knew what she needed even if she didn’t, that’s what a Daddy does for his BabyGirl.


She looked up at him after she had regained herself, her arousal from his slow and constant thrusts calming her. She was safe and knew her place, she knew the love of her Daddy, that was more important than anything else. Well almost more important than anything else.


“You’re not just my BabyGirl now, you now carry my love for you inside of you. You are going to be the mother of our family, Daddy always loves his BabyGirl!”


She kissed his chest feeling his strength and firm body holding her as he loved her.


“Daddy please, make me your slut tonight, make me feel and forget everything tonight. I want to see it writing on me tomorrow, I need to taste your punishment!” She replied as slowly his thrusts picked up pace.

“You will always be my slut, BabyGirl. I will always make sure you know who you are to me. I have such a love story that needs to be written on you. Your Daddy is also a beast, your beast alone!”

This story just makes me feel hot and horny🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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September 30, HornyHolly said:
This story just makes me feel hot and horny🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

From looking down into eyes welling up from a deep thrust into your throat to them starting to roll back slightly as you start to have an amazing intense climax from a thorough pounding… Eyes are everything to a real Dom

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