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Mommy’s love


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To be a good boy for mommy is everything to me… Following her rules, listening to her instructions, servicing her for the sole reason that I just want to see her pleased with me. ❤️ Her love for me becomes boundless, I become her delicate precious possession. I can take comfort within her warm love, I can hide my face into her breasts and cry for any unknown reason and her sweet voice will take me away from all negativity. Her love is somewhat a dream and I am so insecure to lose it… To lose my whole way of this dream comforting supporting life.

Mommy likes to do other things with me, it’s 24/7. She loves to keep me wet almost 24/7 all day everyday and I am always so horny I want her to extract me and bring me relief any way she wants. She doesn’t, she lets me writhe in frustration most of the time but always keeps me turned on wherever and whenever I am.

If I’m at work, she would send me anything from light teasing photos and messages to really engaging things. I get so turned on when she gropes my hair with her soft hands and nails all over, sometimes I’ll be tied down, naked or clothed, and she would position herself with my head between her legs and endlessly caress and grope my hair. It’s so pleasing to my body and I moan so much with heavy breaths in frustration hoping she would relieve my hormonal self as soon as… She completely overwhelms me but I love everything she does to me… I am her little boy toy after all!

She also knows that positive, kind lovely words and praises turn me on. I am a praise whore or even a praise slut but as she touches me… She rambles on about why I am hers, how she views me, how I make her happy (my only purpose), my physical features she adores and what she feels about me spiritually.

She would then turn it into much what she would do to me and how, she would lick me like an animal and even chomp down on me. I am her prey, I am her victim. Sometimes she would use me to her own satisfaction without letting me climax at all, even for a week. I understand and I don’t mind no matter how frustrated I am because she provides me everything else I need… She has a huge responsibility for my delicate heart and she needs to get all the pleasure she wants and deserves for that.

She would send me pictures of her done up luscious nails, she would send me voice notes, messages of what she wants me to do while either at work or with friends, pictures of her in super hot outfits and licking lollipops. She would send me videos of her licking knives sometimes with the caption “delicate boys need good delicate play”.

Sometimes I would break one of her rules.. either by accident or on purpose. One giant rule that I would break now and then is to never masturbate unless she allows it and is there for the process. This is really difficult to do if I’m going on for more than a couple weeks without reaching climax but always having sexual interaction.

Her punishments are very reasonable, I would be subjected to do a bunch of chores the next couple of weeks, having a couple days a week where I’m not allowed to seek refuge or comfort (unless it’s an emergency), not allowed to cry for 2 weeks, hot candle wax dripped over my body in the summer or ice dripped on my skin in the winter. She demonstrates her power and who is in control with this relationship and I can’t help but love the creative punishments she comes up with. It could really be anything.

I sometimes get the urge to make her breakfast or dinners, I get the urge to massage her and cream/oil her body. I love giving her little gifts and flowers she loves all her flowers… I see myself as her little flower she looks after every day, I can’t help myself but fall deeper in love with her everyday.. she’s my entire multiverse.

Other activities we love to do are obstacle marathons and talking really deep about such topics like forgotten history and architecture, Museums, art, culture practices and rituals. I learn so much from her she’s just the strongest most intelligent person in the world…

She can most definitely throw me around if she really wanted to haha and I love it when she’s telling me something and then gets the urge to make love to me, she would throw me and pin me against a wall and kiss/grope me as she pleases. I am her property. In public she wouldn’t change the way she treats me and I feel so special to be owned by her… No matter who is looking she would show her dominance over me as if it’s her own world and I’m just in it.
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Life without a boy toy is empty and incomplete for me. Their vibe is the sweetest. I have no kids, so I channeled my maternal energy into sex. That’s the beautiful kink.
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