So what's this Daddy's little girl kink all about? writer Princess E unpacks the misconceptions regarding the DDlg lifestyle.

Misconception one: Daddy's little girl kink is a pedophilic orientation

And I’m going to explain. The Daddy's little girl kink relationship is between two consensual adults. It has nothing to do with actual kids. Now, of course, there are rotten eggs in every community and there are gonna exist hidden pedophiliacs in this scene as well. The trick is not to let the idea take over what is actually real.

Misconception two: Daddy's little girl kink is a form of abusive relationship

My relationship is extremely loving and my Daddy takes care of me. Just because I sometimes am a little, i.e. regress mentally, does not mean he is taking advantage of me. I am an adult and can think of my own. I can say no when needed. Also, I don’t take shit and I speak my mind. Abusive relationships exist everywhere - but they're not linked by default with Daddy's little girl kink.

Misconception two: Daddy's little girl kink is an incest play

As I said, there are rotten eggs everywhere. The point of Daddy's little girl kink is not that the DD is acting like the lg’s real dad. In fact, I’ve started calling my actual dad ”father” just because it feels weird when I have the same name for someone that is my role model in life and the other who is my fiancé and lover.

I DO NOT, I repeat, I DO NOT get turned on by the thought of incestual activities. This is merely a game. A sort of dynamic between me and my fiancé that happens to work for us. It is about the role play, and please notice; the role play is just to let my inner child out and to let my Daddy’s dominant yet nurturing side out. There are in fact plenty of Daddy's little girl kink relationships that are completely sexless.

Who's afraid of Daddy's little girl kink?

For those unfamiliar with fetishes and BDSM, remember that discrimination is based on fear. Be bigger than your fears. I have gone through hell several times. Guys who look a specific way are often triggers for me. That still does not give me the right to discriminate against them, hate them or even be afraid of them. I understand that I am triggered, the problem is with me.

We all need to learn how to separate our personal scars that cause triggers from real problems. I’ve stumbled across anti-Daddy's little girl kink pages several times. I’m sure there are such sites for all fetishes and it makes me sad that there is so much hate out there. A lot of people feel offended by our choice of lifestyle but remember fellow kinksters out there: we live our life for ourselves not to please anyone else.

Princess E is a Swedish freelancer who focuses on DDlg, which she's living 24/7. Most of her writings are based on her experiences with her Daddy. Mr. B. Runs a blog and can be found on Twitter @meandmrb1


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