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First Kiss.....


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I want you to kiss me so very much.....
I ache,
I long,
I crave you  badly

I still love that first kiss and all the excitement and raw sensuality that it has the potential to evoke.

I will never lose that feeling ....
the anticipation....
That, oh so delicious,
slight hesitation before our lips meet for the first time.

When they finally first touch...
.that electric,
so alive feeling throughout my entire being.

I quiver as our tongues meet for the first time.
I have been and remain a firm believer that the first kisses can truly tell a lot about
the potential of further exploration.

I will never forget Our first kiss.

Your hands wandering all over me
as you backed me up against the wall
Grabbing me,
lacing your fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck.
Producing a guttural moan that escaped me just after you bit my lower lip for the first time as our mouths moved slowly apart
both of us going back for more.

no doubt in either of us, no further confirmation was needed.

I want to please You,
and be pleased by You.
I give myself over to You
willingly and gratefully.
I am Yours....

every fiber of my being is on fire...

That's the fire that words cannot due justice.

You have awakened something in me.

Our kisses are deeper now.

I am aching,
for You to take me...
and You know it.

I feel you pressing against me.
My back is happily pushed back up against the wall now
Your weight against me.
I love how your body presses against mine.
As I feel your cock against me, through our clothes as another moan escapes my mouth.
You pull my head back by my hair with one hand as You moan into my ear just before I feel your teeth sink into my neck
I feel you other hand on my aching, wanting, longing breast first
My nipples are so hard they hurt.
I continue to moan louder and I begin to stroke Your hardening cock through your pants.

I'm so wet now.

I can feel myself,
my excitement dripping down my thigh.

I am
and I cannot gather a thought...

It's all just emotion,
not analyzed.
It's pure
my heart beats faster.
My legs shake,
trembling a bit.

I know where your hand will be going next.
My legs spread without even being conscience of it.
I feel your hand lifting my skirt...
I can barley wait for your touch.

I fumble to release you from your denim prison as I feel your fingers dancing on my naked, soaking, quivering cunt....
with one touch of your finger on my rock hard pulsating clit.
I shudder as I feel you sliding two fingers down to the heat within
I gasp as they effortlessly side right in.

You begin to move them in and out of me.
I'm both crazed with and overwhelmed with such an intense desire to please You.

I drop to my knees and you tell me to look up at You as you continue to torment my now soaking and oh so greedy cunt.

Our eyes lock.

I know that look, and
I know what you want me to do.

You also know how I long to hear you command me.
You know how much I need to hear your voice.
Tell me
You do not disappoint.
"Suck it. Take it all my slut. Such a good girl"
"Tell me.....say it.... do you want to suck my cock? "
"say it"
" I do... I want to feel your head hit the back of my throat"
"I want to hear you moan"
" I want every drop of you "

The fire within me burns brighter.

You have created Your eager greedy little sexy slut.

Without hesitation your cock is balls deep in my dirty, hot, wet, sloppy, wanting, moaning, little mouth.
I moan while your cock and all it's glory gag my throat.
I feel Your hands filled with fists of my hair.
You push my head harder onto your hot, hard, throbbing cock...and you hold it there..

I can't breathe.
You know it.

My makeup is running as I gag.

You know I love it.

So do You.

As I feel for you balls with one hand and squeeze them, the other hand reaches around You to grab your ass and push you even harder into my mouth.
A feeling I cannot put into words washes over
I feel You pulling and pushing my head by my hair
All the while Your telling me what a good little slut I am.
" Such a Good Girl"

This is new and oddly so freeing to me.

I'm not usually submissive, or am I?

I cannot escape my bodies reaction, and the feelings of being utterly and completely filled with lust, desire, and raw passion in every fiber of my being.
you see me,
you feel me,
you hear me,
You know me.

I hear you moan again. That deep throaty moan...almost a growl.

Oh fuck, how I love it

Both my hands have now moved to your ass.

As I feel you push and pull my head, You know that You don't need to.

At this point You know I'd do it anyway, with pleasure.
You are well aware that I get off on it too.
My grasping hands on your ass cheeks push and pull them...my nails dug in deep, spreading your cheeks every time you pull back.

"Go ahead my dirty little slut, fuck my ass while I fuck your dirty mouth" .

I reach down to my soaking cunt and slide in two fingers.
I need that natural lube and I have plenty.
You've made sure of that ....oh i can't wait...neither can you.....the head of your hot throbbing cock hitting the back of my throat is driving me wild....
i can't resist but to rake my nails all over your inner thighs first....then your outer thighs on my way back up to your pumping ass.

"You love it don't you my dirty little slut?" you say in that growling voice.

Your right.
I fucking love it.

When i feel your balls so tight....i now what's Cumming my way and i am greedily awaiting its hot steamy arrival.
I reach quickly back down to that sweet pink hole and lube up again....back up to your tight wildly pumping ass....spread your cheeks....trace you asshole with my fingers....and glide one in...

"Oh, such a good slut...go ahead...do it NOW"
and i do ..

i was waiting for your command....
i barley get the first probing finger in and i feel you whole body tense up .....

you pull my head back slightly by my hair..

."Look at me...i want to see your greedy little, makeup stained, drooling face NOW SLUT."

" Look at me NOW and TAKE EVERY DROP. DO IT!".

I feel You gush hot creamy cum down my throat as you hold my head there...
your eyes burning into my soul. Possessing me.

I wantonly submit.

You make sure that you fill my mouth with the second pump of your release.
The first has vanished down my throat.

Your still looking at me and I at you...

i do...
i am ON FIRE.

.its all i can do keep my numb lips wrapped around your throbbing cock to not let any out of my mouth.
I don't disappoint ....but your not done ....i start to get up off my sore aching knees.
"Did I tell you to get up?" and i feel you push me back down to submission......
"Im still dripping slut. Finish milking me" .....
I lick the cum that has dripped on your thigh..and suck your cock back into my mouth....
slowly you let me move.....
stroking, milking that last bit of cum from your still throbbing member.

I'm dizzy with pure lust and desire....

no one has ever spoken to me that way before.....

oh my ...i don't know if i can even stand now....my legs feel like jelly and my whole body is shaking...my mind races....

what just happened...keeps running through my head.

why did i love this so much? ....

i swear you know what im thinking.....

you reach down...grab me under my arms...
pull me up .......
look into my eyes.....

"See My good girl, you need to be taken.
Your so used to getting every man you desire, how you desire them, when you desire them.....
that it's not pleasing you anymore; it's too easy."

"Tell me you didnt like it..... "
i couldnt

i fucking loved it

"That's my good girl....
you have you have pleased me"....
You pull me toward you
finish the way we started ........
with that first kiss.

A dream so nice in my head, to think to live! But in that sleep of pain what dreams may come!
On 10/17/2022 at 9:30 AM, Brutus6371 said:

A dream so nice in my head, to think to live! But in that sleep of pain what dreams may come!

You'd have to tell us. 

and Please do.

What dreams do come? 

On 10/20/2022 at 7:53 AM, wilkie said:

Oh yes, 😉

Well hello there. 

Glad you approve ;)

thank you 


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