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Brian Got Cucked.

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I am livid, you've been texting another woman and you arranged to meet rather stupidly at my house because you're cat sitting whilst I'm away visiting my best friend in Newcastle.


When the door knocks it's my ex Liam. It turns out it's his girlfriend you've been messaging and he intercepted the messages, you think he's here to give you an absolute kicking, but Liam just stands there calm as you like, smiling from ear to ear until I ask him to grab the thick leather collar from the bottom drawer in my bedroom.


I take it off him and slip it round your neck, you don't even protest because you're too intimidated by Liam and this collar is the only thing standing between you and a beating. I hate you for having the audacity to cheat, but you're so fucking beautiful. I'm stood in front of you and gripping your lead nice and tight, your breathing is heavy, my tits pressed up against you, your heart is hammering I know you're nervous. I lick your bottom lip with the tip of my tongue "You are mine" I say against your lips and kiss you. I make you get down on your hands and knees and crawl to my bedroom, Liam follows laughing because he's the bull and you're the bitch.


I make you strip, and then I put you in cuffs and secure them behind your back. Then I ask Liam to chuck me his boxer shorts. He obliges, and I hold them to your nose and I say.


"Do you know what this smells like?"


You shake your head overwhelmed by embarrassment and the smell of Liam's boxers. 


"It smells like a real man that wouldn't cheat on his girlfriend, it smells like the man that is about to fuck my pussy...which you owned".


You're struggling trying to get away from his underwear that I'm holding to your face.


"Fucking smell them you little bitch" I say enjoying your discomfort.


I tell you to open wide and shove them into your mouth. Then I position a chair so it's directly facing the bed and bind you to it with bondage rope.


I say "that's right you little sissy slut, you were going to cheat on me and now you're going to watch Liam fuck what belongs to you.


You whimper and pull against your restraints, you look like you're about to cry , clearly regretting your decision to cheat on me. Liam is also amused at your plight and he laughs and calls you a fucking little bitch.


He eats my pussy, whilst I tell you this is how a real man eats cunt. And then he starts fucking me and I'm watching you with every moan and gasp because it might be Liam in my pussy but I still want you, my heart is broken but my cunt is wet because I'm teaching you a lesson. You're trying to avoid looking at the scene that's unfolding. 


"Don't take your eyes off us you little sissy slut, watch an alpha male fuck the pussy you owned.".


I notice despite your whimpering your dick is hard. More laughter from Liam when I point it out he says .


"I bet you're regretting messaging my girlfriend now you lil fuck boi. That's right watch me fuck your girlfriend bitch."


You're drooling onto Liam's shorts pulling against your restraints with a rock hard cock and a red face.


Liam shoots his load inside me and it's him that unties you and shoves you to the bed. Where I'm led, his cum trickling out of me. He then takes his shorts out of your mouth.


"Get on your knees' I say and yank your head between my legs.


That's right be a good boy and lick all of Liam's cum out of me. If you miss a drop you'll be sucking his cock and taking a fresh load. Do you understand me."


"Yes Mistress" you say against my pussy. You're squirming and stalling. I grab you by your hair, grip your lead tighter.


"Eat it, you cum eating slut get your tongue up in there".


You reluctantly lick Liam's load out of my pussy and when you're done I call you a good boy and kiss you, tasting Liam's still warm cum on your tongue. Your cock is leaking pre cum. You won't be orgasming tonight. Instead you'll be getting locked into chastity and I'll be wearing the key.

11 hours ago, solentlights said:

Well I just want to cheat on you


10 hours ago, eviltiger said:

And what happened next?

Honestly I have a few ideas. Brian's pretty inspirational.


Nope, but it was inspired by a real guy (Brian) that I really want to do this with 😂

Nice I would love to be him for that 😍
5 minutes ago, YesDaddyYes said:

Nope, but it was inspired by a real guy (Brian) that I really want to do this with 😂

Quickly changes my name to brian


Oh I wouldn't change your name to that. He's nothing to me.


Mods is there a way to delete my post please?

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