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Daddy's Little Kitten


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She steps into his home, smiling up at him, and steps into his arms after he closes the door, breathing in his scent, and feeling the comfort of his warmth against her. They stand together, arms wrapped around each other, in a kiss, for a moment, before he breaks the kiss and turns her around, pulling her back against his body.
He brushes his lips from her shoulder up her neck to rumble in her ear "Have you been a good girl or bad girl since last time kitten?" His hand reaching under her cut off shirt to roll a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. As she gasps in pleasure and starts to immediately get wet for him, her hips start to squirm against him "I've been a good girl Daddy." She feels his lips twitch against her ear as he growls "Is that so? Show me how much you missed me."
Starting to breathe heavily with anticipation she takes a step away, and slowly strips off her clothes, giving him a slow show to heighten his anticipation, then drops to her knees in front of him, looks up to him eyes asking permission to undress him as well. He looks down at her smirking "Patience kitten" and starts to slowly unbutton his shirt, then strip it off standing before her eyes running over her naked body as she tries to keep still, but can't help slight little shifts as she gets more and more turned on in his presence. Her eagerness showing in the brightness of her eyes, the way they follow his every move, and how she cutely chews her lower lip watching him.
He slowly removes his belt and runs it thru his hand before rolling it up and putting it aside. He smiles down at her as she clasps her hands together to keep from reaching out and touching him when he hasn't given his permission yet and in a low growl says "That's my good girl. Patience."
He walks around her, to behind her, and she hears the sound of his zipper, and then fabric falling. She licks her lips, and swallows, then takes a deep breath to make herself stay still until he wants her to move in some way, wetness starting to drip down her legs she wants him so badly. A low chuckle sounds behind her, then his hand grasps her behind her neck and starts to forcefully guide her to her feet. "Up we go kitten." A low moan escapes her lips as she rises to her feet, and he pushes her into another room, guiding her, making her move by the grip on the back of her neck. Next thing she shows she is pushed face down bent over the bed pinned by the back of her neck, and he is slapping her clit with the head of his cock asking "Who do you belong to kitten?"
Gasping with pleasure she manages to utter "I'm yours Daddy. I belong you."
"Good girl. I'm going to take my time with you today." as he starts to tease her folds with the tip of his cock, then slide the shaft between her folds, but not penetrating. "Oh fuck..." she moans shuddering with need and getting wetter, coating his shaft with her juices.
He chuckles and growls "You really missed me didn't you kitten?"
Moving her hips slightly grinding against him as she moans "Oh fuck yes Daddy. A week is too long to wait for you to take me."
He lets out a throaty laugh enjoying the effect he is having on her "Patience kitten. I am enjoying teasing you too much."
He lets his cock slide between her ass cheeks, and the tip lay between her cheeks and on her back, then with his free hand runs his nails down her spine watching the goose bumps rise up. Then he leans forward and starts to kiss her neck working his way down to her shoulder, where he takes her flesh into his mouth and starts to suck, then sinks his teeth in marking her as his. She cries out in pleasure as the teeth sink in, making him growl and suck harder before he releases her flesh from his mouth. He then traces his tongue down the line of her spine, and bites each ass cheek marking her as his there as well smiling to himself as she gasps and squirms under him. "Soon kitten" he rumbles as he rises and starts to slap her clit with his tip making her cry out and beg him to take her. He, slowly just enters the tip, barely penetrating her and listens to her moan and beg for more. She dares move her hips a little to take him further into her, and he slaps her ass for the presumption while letting out a moan of his own "Fuck kitten, you know better. You feel so damn good today I will allow it tho."
She cries out as he slaps her ass, so close to cumming for him, when he drives in hard and fast, sinking his cock fully inside her making her cry out and cum for him immediately. He lets out a throaty laugh as he starts to drive hard and fast into her as she rides out wave after wave of orgasms until she is screaming wordlessly for him. "That's my good girl. You know Daddy is the only one who can push your buttons that easily. Now, tell Daddy what he wants to hear or he will stop."
She gasps for air a moment "I am Daddy's dirty little slut. I belong to Daddy, for his use and pleasure. I crave his seed deep in me. I am Daddy's cock hungry cum slut."
"That's my good girl" he purrs as he starts driving harder into her, slamming his cock so hard he's hitting her cervix, while his balls slap her clit, and the impact of his hips on her ass make her cheeks jiggle under his sight. With a groan his cock twitches in her, and pumps her full of his hot seed as she cums for him again.
He pulls her upright, and kisses her deeply before gathering her into his arms and onto the bed, where they lay entangled in each other's arms sharing the moment as they do.

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