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**TW** Daddys toy


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**Trigger Warning - Reason: Knife Play **


Think about how much you want to be strapped down by your wrists and ankles splayed out in all directions, having a blade run by the tip from your chin… down your throat… dipping into your collar and tracing through your sternum… the pulsing tip of my cock sliding up between your folds and resting at your clit while the blade continues between your slutty love mounds, sliding off the curve of the bottom of your ribcage… into the valley of your abdomen, a hand runs up from there in the opposite direction to find, caress, grope, and squeeze at your chest as the blade continues down… my cock lifts off your desperate cunt as the blade slivers past your pelvic, you feel the tip of my dick touch you once more… this time pressing in between your legs, the tip of the blade gently circles your clit as my cock pushes into you… my hand continues fondling at your chest while the other hand wraps around your neck… I’m halfway in and about to fucking destroy that pathetic excuse of a useless cunt

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