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Don't worry, I bite (trigger warning)


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When I asked how big of a brat she could be, she simply replied: don't worry, I bite. 


She was wild and needed to be tamed. Daddy wanted her badly. There was something unique about this woman.


She has a seductive air about her. The innocent confidence of a minx. Tan skin. Deep brown eyes. Dark curly hair. Curves for days. Big full breasts. A smile that makes me weak.


After a night out we returned to her place.  She told me she wanted to please Daddy, but wasn't the type of girl to give if all to me the first night.


She grabbed my cock through my pants. I was swollen instantly.  


She squeezed it and smiled. She kissed me deeply. Tongue in my mouth, sucking on it.  Grinding herself on me while she continued to rub and squeeze my cock through my pants. 


She bit my tongue.


I pulled back.


She growled at me.


I grabbed her by her throat and pushed her to her knees.


She gnawed at my cock through my pants.


I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

I slapped her face. She growled and smiled again.


I slapped her face again.


She continued to growl at me.


I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock.


She lunged for it with her mouth.


I held her head back by tugging her hair.


I slapped my cock on her face.

He kept trying to get it in her mouth as my fat cock slapped her cheeks and lips and forehead and chin.


I shoved my cock in her mouth and down her throat. Holding her head with 2 hands and pressing her hard again my body.


She gagged.


I let her go.


She grabbed my cock and nibbled on the tip.


I slapped her face hard.


She yelped.

She growled and gritted her teeth at me.


I pulled off her dress and took off her bra.


Big thick nipples.


I reached down and grabbed her tits.

I pinched her nipple hard.


She bit my forearm and clenched down. 


I grabbed the other nipple and pinched hard.


I squeezed both nipples hard until she let go.


She yelped and growled at me.


Teeth marks in my forearms. Skin broken.


I slapped her.


I grabbed her by her hair and led her to the couch.


I put her on her knees infront of me and grabbed her head.


I fucked her mouth without mercy.

Hard and fast.


Stretching out her throat with my cock.


Fucked her face like would fuck a pussy i would never see again. 


Slobber. Spit. Drool. All over my cock dripping from her mouth.


I let her go.


She panted and gasped for air.


Fucking slut, I said.


She dropped down low and kissed my shin.

She kissed and licked my calf.

Licked up and down my thigh.

Licked my cock

Licked up and down my thigh again.


She kissed my lower thigh, then kissed higher and kissed higher.


My cock dripping with slobber, resting on her face, she turned her head and bit my upper thigh.


I yelled out and slapped her.


She giggled.


I slapped her again. She growled.


I pushed her onto the floor and mounted her chest.


Cock between her tits, fucking her mouth.

Slobbery mess all over.


I slapped my cock on her face again and again and again.


I moved down and pulled off her soaked panties.


The slid in to her tight wet pussy with on hard thrust.


She grunted out.


I laid my body flat on hers and wrapped my hands under her ass. Lifted her ass  up while I fucked her missionary.


She could squirm away as my cock filled her up and stretched her out. 


I pumped her hard and fast, squeezing her ass.


My body pressed on her, smashing her.


She dug her nails into my back.

Her teeth clenched down on my shoulder.


I pumped harder and fast.


She dug her nails in deeper and bit down harder.


I let go of her ass and pushed my body up.


Her mouth shot up and sucked and nibbled on my nipple while I fucked her


My nipple between her teeth as she flicked it with her tongue.


My cock swelled and I exploded in her pussy.


She released her nailed and bite.


She proceeded to suck on my neck as my cock pulsed and squirted my cum deep inside her.


The sensation was overwhelming,  and I moaned out.


As I collected myself,  I observed all the bites and scratches.


She smiled and said, I told you I bite

I can be a brat, but now this gives me even more ideas of brattiness. ☺️
1 hour ago, adrian552 said:

I can be a brat, but now this gives me even more ideas of brattiness. ☺️

You didn't need any encouragement 

U just start dood? newbie guy I need dungeon friend in LA
God,that would be so much fun
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