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Daddys Special Good Girl


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Daddy was in the office before Baby was even awake on Saturday morning.He was typing away at his laptop.


Baby knocked at the door. Daddy?


Hey baby. Daddy walked over and hugged Baby and kissed her on the forehead. 


I'm going to be working all day on this proposal.

Why don't you call one of your girlfriends, go shopping and lunch. Use my credit card.


Baby frowned a little. I like going shopping with you so I can buy what you like to see me wearing.


I know Baby. Have fun and I am sure I will love whatever you buy.


Baby returned later in the afternoon and Daddy was still on calls. Daddy waved to Baby, and she blew him back a kiss. 


She went into the bedroom to put away her purchases.


She heard Daddy on the phone and said he was going to take a 30 min break before next call.


Baby changed into her new matching bra and panty set with thigh high stocking.


She waited outside the door for Daddy to get off the phone.


As soon as he hung up, she walked intonthe room, turned his chair around and dropped to her knees.


She pulled out Daddys cock sucked on his hard as he swelled in her mouth. 


Daddy sunk into the seat as Baby serviced him.


He closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and too a deep breath.


Baby reached up and took him by the hand. She locked fingers with him, looked him in the eyes as her mouth went up and down on his cock.


She worked him only using her mouth the way Daddy likes it.


She could feel Daddy getting closer to the edge, she sucked harder and faster.


She kept eye contact with Daddy, he creeped closer to the edge as she sucked harder and faster.


Daddy exploded in Baby's mouth.


His jersey back and he moaned as she sucked out Daddys cum. Getting all of the stress out of Daddys body.


He looked down at her and smiled.


Thank you Daddy, Baby said.

What time are you taking a break for dinner?


Around 7.




Daddy came downstairs a little bit after 7. Baby was in the kitchen and heard Daddy.  


She met him at the bottom of the stairs wearing lingerie nightie with push up cup to amplify her huge perky tits.


Baby handed Daddy a glass of bourbon and kissed him on the lips.


Take a sip.


Daddy took a sip. 


Baby leaned in for another kiss and sucked on Daddys tongue.


She took Daddy by the hand and let him to the couch.


She pulled down his pants and boxers and sat him on the couch.


She straddled him. Buried his face in her huge tits.


Dinner will be ready in 8 minutes. I'm going to make you cum in my pussy before the timer goes off.


Baby started grinding on Daddy. He instantly swelled and could feel she was soaked through her panties.


She pulled her tits out and fed him her nipples while she grinded on him.


She moved her panties to the side and slid him in.


She moaned out as he slid in deeper and deeper.

Daddy filled her up so quickly. 


She came.


She screamed out and kissed Daddy as she came


He grabbed her ass and pulled her in closer.

She kept cumming on Daddys cock.


Daddy sucked on her nipples.


She grabbed Daddys glass and fed him a sip, then kissed him.


She sucked on his tongue and bounced on his cock.


Cum in my pussy she whispered in his ear.

She bit his shoulder and sucked on it


He tugged her hair back and ***d her

Yes Daddy, fuck me.


Both hands around her neck. Squeezing.

She moaned through her gasps.


Daddy was on the edge. 

Baby grinded harder on Daddys cock.


Fuck me. Own me. Your pussy.  I'm yours. 


Daddy exploded inside Baby and moaned out.

She grinded on him and held it. She kissed him and sucked on his tongue. 



Daddy sunk into the couch and exhaled deeply.


The timer went off in the kitchen.


See, I told you I would make you cum before dinner was ready. By the way, I made your favorite. 


Oh yeah.


Yeah, I ordered sushi

Not only do I love this I want this. I love the order at the end too. Great work
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