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The Toy, part 2


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it was left tied to that coffee table for what felt like at least another hour, so probably 3 now in total. Everything was hurting and aching.

it heard footsteps coming towards it.
its arms and knees were untied.
"Dont you dare take that dildo out" said Mistress.
it was still firmly wedged in its cunt, it couldnt push it out if it tried because of the metal pole attachment keeping it up. Mistress gave the pole a few more twists which pushed it up a bit more.
"Close your legs", it brought its knees together. Mistress got some tape and wrapped around its thighs just under its arse, enough that it couldnt really open its legs but enough it could shuffle on its knees.
She pulled on the chain/collar still tight around its neck, it crawled as best it could, the metal pole coming down to its knees and tape around its thighs made it so difficult to keep up.
it was also still blind from the hood it had on.
it was taken into the kitchen, Mistress told it to be upright on its knees.
The hood and gag were removed but blindfold remained, it was so gratefull. it heard its metal bowls be put on the floor infront of it,
it couldnt quite bend much (due to the pole) to eat and drink so it almost had to lay down and rest on its elbows.
"Hurrry up you have things to do"
it felt the crop land on its arse a few times. it was told to stand up, it really struggled and used the kitchen counter to help it.
The blindfold finally removed, it took some time to adjust to the light.
it was the first time it saw its tits, still tightly bound and covered in red stripes from the band pinging and red from the leather paddle.
it saw all the plates and cups ect on the counters and knew it was chore time. Mistress put an anal hook in its arse and attached it to the chain coming from its collar, just enough to give a bit of pull. its wrists were metal cuffed with a 12" chain between them. A muzzle gag placed in its mouth. No words needed, it began to clean the kitchen.
As always when it finished a chore it waited at the door of the room its in, eyes down waiting for things to be checked.
"Theres 2 cups missing from the cupboard you stupid cunt" Master shouted, it didnt know they had had coffee upstairs in their bedroom.
it knew what that meant.
its hands were recuffed behind its back, a large clear bag put over its head and taped around its neck.
Enough air for a few mins but then it would start sucking to its face. If it ever made a mistake then it would remain this way until Mistress or Master completed the chore that the toy messed up. He left the kitchen and headed to the bedroom to fetch the cups, the air in the bag already starting to go. He came back passing the toy smiling at its predicament.
it could see him slowly washing the cups, the bag now starting to stick to its face, panic noises coming from its gagged mouth. He dried the cups and put them on the side. He turned and looked at it struggling to breathe, pleading in mumble talk. He took the cups and put them in the cupboard.
its now screaming and begging for air.
Master takes a pair of scissors and makes a small hole near the nose.
it gasps as much air as it could, thanking Master.
"Next time double check cunt" as he patted it on its head.
it stood there at the kitchen door, breathing heavy as Master walked away.

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