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Body worship

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I was wondering what female body worshipping entailed? 

I've recently started thinking about scenarios where the evening is spent working on the female, full body massage, blindfold, feather teasing, kissing/caressing, boob nipple play, oral/hands, dildo/vibrator, etc, however she likes. 

I'm dominant and don't like being ordered or controlled but I've thought about it as a reward for a sub or just a one off with a female to try. 

Does it usually involve domination? 



I think that's pretty much it. It can involve face sitting and such but that's a more aggressive side to it. I tend to look at it less of a dominating experience and more from the submissive view to achieve sensual ecstasy, rather than dominating. It's all about worshiping the subs body or body parts. I find if they are restrained and blindfolded it hightens the senses and become more arousing. Ice cubes and flavoured sauces or whipped cream are good cheap tools. Peppermints are also very good. 

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Body worship is generally a male sub worshipping his Mistress however she likes it. I think what you are describing is more akin to erotic sensation/massage play

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