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Finding this site a wee bit mental. Advice?


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I can't decide about subscribing yet as it's not an easy site to navagate. I'm not new to fet but this page has alot more going on than others I've been in.

I'm in Scotland if there is a community here that's my neck of the woods that would be great.

Advice for navigating the site and gettig the most out of it? 


Following as I’m in a similar situation.

You are probably doing the best thing by asking questions here.......   thing is might be worth expanding on what it is you want form the site or are looking for?

The site is fairly simple in its structure - try it out (form what i have heard there are quite a few people whoi bite as well!!!)


the site doesn't really have the regional community sections (perhaps this could more worthwhile as/when numbers grow) and I think there's a somewhat catch 22 that in order to have one it needs more people but a disadvantage is not having one - there is an event's section - but a lot of that is at the mercy of those who list, and a lot of events don't list here - a good google suggestion is "munch finder"

otherwise, I guess what else are you looking for?

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The forum (here) is a great place to ask questions and take part in discussions. The Magazine section has a lot of articles on a range of subjects to help you learn about kink and the community associated with it. There are also the "Roles and Archetypes" and "Kinks and Fetishes" pages which can help as a kind of index to what certain terms and phrases mean, they also have a little info in each category and links to articles if you want to learn more about that particular topic. 

There are the photo challenges and treasure hunts that serve to create a little competition to bring people together. The treasure hunts have an added bonus of helping you to explore areas of the site you may not usually look at. 

The chat room is full of members talking in real time, feel free to sit and follow the conversations or join in discussions. This is a great way of meeting some more active members of the site but they can be from anywhere in the world.

If you're looking for a date you can look at the munch pages (as previously mentioned) or put out an ad in the BDSM Dating section. (Though I recommend screening messages, read more about BDSM Dating tips in the magazine) If you are feeling particularly daring you can even look at Members (in the browse drop down) and send a private message to someone who takes your interest (really show your personality, make your message stand out and who knows what could happen when they reply! Just stay positive and don't get downhearted as some people are not as active as others) 

Finally, spend some time fleshing out your profile and reading others, you can learn a lot about others this way and a good profile often leads to more replies to messages! 


I think I covered most of it but definitely let me know how you get on! 😊 Xx stay safe and stay kinky 😉

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Take your time and explore the site.

Make sure your profile is as specific as you csn make it. Also make it claer what you are seeking. If that's just to explore then don't put kinky dating or no strings on your profile. 

I don't message people unless it's clear we might have interests in common. Hopefully most folks here are the same and those that are not are easily blocked.

Other sites do have a more regional approach but also have drawbacks and can be unfriendly to newbies.


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