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It's a shame

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It's a funny thing, shame. It drives 

us, frightens us. It makes us want to

hide; it makes us want to cum. I can stand

on top of a mountain and scream to the

wind that I like to get on my knees, have 

you call me good girl, while you have 

your hand in my hair, while you fuck

my mouth with your cock, but I'd never

dare to whisper why. I can stand in

inspection pose, legs trembling in 

high heels, and have you stare at every

inch of me, have you put a finger, a cock

a tongue anywhere you please, but ask me

to watch myself on screen, pleasing you

by pleasing myself, and horror will set

snakes loose in my stomach. Ask me 

to do things that are nasty, dirty, filthy, 

that all those good girls just won't do;

I'll do it. And I'll shake as I fight the urge

to cum. But ask me the why, the deepest,

darkest why to any of this, and I'll run.
🙏💜🙏🐺 shame: gifted with a name, never to be brought hame, generations of blame, can consume like a flame. Never to be the same,I came🙏
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