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ED after wonderful punishment


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We are newbies to the site. 
we are 52/53. We are re-kick starting our Dom / Sub play

I take testosterone shots and have a great sex drive. :)

Wife Dom / husband Sub. After a delicious night of punishment , pre cum dripping the whole time. I experienced ED during  sex afterwards. Barely able to perform. Still turned on I was unable to cum.This is twice in as many sessions. 
we are aware there are lots of factors. Question still: Can you get varying degree of ED from being a male pain slut?

I used to switch years ago and found the same thing. After impact blood will flow to the 'injured' area to provide more oxygen etc. That will affect your erection whether your turned on or not. You could try sildefinal/viagra to redirect blood flow. Ask your doctor about it. Hope this helps

I’ve been considering ED pills since the second session.  Blood flow sounds reasonable to what I’m experiencing.

Punishment Play area has been my butt, thighs and nipples.


it is possible, yeah.  especially if your body has been through a lot.  some people's bodies respond in different ways

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