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Gardening For Mistresses Friend, Lady T.

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THIS IS A TRUE HAPPENING FROM TODAY 25th SEPT 2021 Thank you for reading ❤

Today was not a choice of my own.
Mistresses friend mentioned that she needed her garden weeded and all the leaves brushed up from the AstroTurf.
Mistress : "Slave can do that for you."
Friend : "That would be fab. When?
Mistress : "We'll come round right away. It'll also give us plenty of time for a catch-up"

Upon arriving and walking through the gate I was shocked at how much needed doing and thought, this is going to take hours.
All the tools were laid out ready for me to use... Brush, a little weeding trowel and a pair of tweezers, you know the kind of ones you use to take out a splinter.

Me : "Mistress, may you please ask your friend what the tweezers are for?"
Before Mistress could give me an answer her friend responded...
Friend : "They are for you! To pick the leaves up from the AstroTurf, is that a problem?"
Me : "No, of course not. I'm sorry but, it will take quite some time" ... Mistress then replied.
Mistress : "Is there somewhere you need to be Slave?
Me : "No Mistress, sorry Mistress"
Mistress : "Then get on your hands and knees and make a start"
Me : Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress"

I could only sense that they had somehow planned this in advance as I heard them chuckling to themselves as I made my way to the bottom of the garden.

10 minutes passed and I was feeling myself sweating with the sun on my back.
Me: "Mistress, would you mind if I took off my shirt?"
Mistress : "Go ahead Slave... Oh and while you're at it, take off your work trousers too"
More chuckles came from Mistresses friend.
Me : "But, but, Mistress your friend!"
Mistress : "My friend is Lady T to you"... Then in a stern voice "Trousers NOW!"
Me : "Yes Mistress"

I walked towards Mistress and Lady T where I removed my shirt and presented it to Mistress.
Lady T : "I'll take that thank you and your trousers"
I unbuttoned my trousers and let them fall where they stopped halfway up my shins because of my Rigger Boots.
Mistress : "Boots and socks too Slave"
Me : "Yes Mistress"

There I stood naked apart from my hard steel chastity cage
Lady T : "Ohhh, isn't that a thing of beauty? Such a beautiful cage. I can see you bulging a little there... Is it sorrrrrrre? Are you a little excited?" she said while turning to Mistress giving a cheeky giggle.
Mistress : "Well Slave, answer the question"
Me : "No Lady T, it just aches a little and Yes Lady T, I'm a little excited as I've never done this before"
Lady T : "It's certainly showing... Now as you were, please continue"
Me : "Yes Lady T" ... I looked towards Mistress for approval as I only accept orders from her.
Mistress : "Go on, do as you're told like the good Slave you are"
Me : "Thank you Mistress, thank you Lady T"

I continued on my hands and knees, cock in Chastity, picking up each and every leaf with the tweezers I was given. Just over 3hrs later I had finished, bruised and scratched knees, aching back and sweat pouring from me.
Just as I was about to stand to stretch my aching limbs I heard a sharp "Crawl back here Slave", Mistress ordered.
Me : "Yes Mistress"
I crawled back towards Mistress and Lady T.
Lady T : "You've done a great job. You may have a reward. Here's a Cigarette and a Beer"
Me : "Thank you so much Lady T"

I remained kneeling between them both to have my reward, forgetting, that it was not over yet... The weeding also had to be done.
Luckily that only took 2hrs or there abouts. My knees covered in dirt and the pain from kneeling on the random stones, I wasn't sure if I could endure anymore. But, I did as was asked of me and completed my chores.
I was then allowed to get dressed and consume another beer and cigarette before heading home with Mistress.
On the way home Mistress said :
Mistress : "I want you to think about what you've done today for Lady T and write it in your Journal for me to read when I'm back from my night out"
Me : "Yes Mistress Claire"

I'm still unsure whether I was pleased to serve Mistress and Lady T or the way I felt humiliated, naked, infront of a stranger.


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