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I was getting close, I leaned over and started fucking my bed as hard as I could. Sweat was stinging my eyes, I could hear my tits slapping against my sweaty belly, and the loud squish squish sound my pussy made slamming into the bedpost. Yes, yes, so close... Then I couldn't hear anything but the thundering beat of my heart as a sensation built in my stomach that felt like I suddenly dropped down a hundred foot roller coaster ride and that feeling rocketed through the rest of my body. I jerked in rapid, start/stop movements as my super sensitive pussy quivered around my wooden savior, loud ragged grunting and moaning sounds coming from my throat. It seemed to go on forever.

My pussy absolutely couldn't take anymore. I had to get off of it now. I was still coming when my legs stiffened, and finally I stood up. With another loud pop the bedpost came out of my swollen twat. To my horror, the wooden head stretching the entrance of my pussy one final time triggered another orgasm. I fell forward and collapsed on the floor as my exhausted pussy endured that one last gift from my new lover. I lay there twitching and gasping as I waited for it to end.

I woke there in the floor the next morning. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My head pounded from the previous night's tequila, and my pussy ached from the previous nights pounding. I stood up unsteadily and looked around the room. The place was trashed. There were boxes everywhere from my frantic dildo search, and on the carpet, there were three stains. Two big oily stains from my tits, and a smaller drying wet spot from my leaking pussy. And finally on the bedpost, there was a pink condom. I stiffly walked over to the bed, and giggled as I pulled the condom off the bedpost. I leaned over and lightly kissed it and said "You're not a virgin anymore, Big Guy." I took a long hot bath, finally getting that damn olive oil and cum off me, and crawled in bed for a long day of recovery and contemplation about what I was going to do about Kenny.

After I cashed his check (hey, I earned it), Kenny called to apologize some more. I listened to him grovel for a while, but gave him the cold shoulder for the most part. And then, just as I expected, he called at the end of the month. We made small talk for a while before he finally got his nerve up. "So, it's uh, well, umm, it's time for your next car payment, isn't it?"

That's what I was waiting for. I explained to him that if he ever contacted me or my husband, I would make sure that his ex wife would know how his parents (RIP) talked him into hiding his income from her. She was an overbearing tyrant of a wife, who left him for a guy who bought her a Harley. Kenny was still terrified of her, and if she showed up at his house and badgered him for 20 minutes, he would fold and give her everything she wanted. I made sure Kenny understood that being a rich lonely pussy was better than a broke lonely pussy.

As for me, I sc***d by for 3 more months without trading cash for sexual favors before I took my car and moved back in with my Husband. That was 4 years ago, and things have been smooth sailing, for the most part, since. I never told him about the tit fuck I gave Kenny, and haven't told him about the bed post... yet. His Son just moved out, and it was my idea to give him our bed. So now we have the place to ourselves and we're sleeping in that special bed I have such fond memories of. I haven't fucked that bedpost since. But maybe after a night of tequila shots, I'll take Hubby back to the bedroom and really blow his mind.


amazing words .. you have great feelings

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