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Rich Bitch Cuck


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When she got home, he asked how the night went.

You know that shady motel lodge out by the highway?

Yes... The one with the hookers out front...

Yup. He took me there.

Veronica was a white bread rich bitch. Her husband gave her everything. Her Mercedes. Her Platinum AMEX. Vacations. Country Club.

But he couldn't FUCK her.

Not have sex with her, FUCK her.

Her bull could.

So, what happened?

I dressed in a short skirt, drop and heels and stood in front of the hotel.  Guys were offering me ***.

The bull pulled up in his car, and I got in.

We drove to the back of the motel where it was dark and sketchy.

Other cars parked back there. Women and men sucking dicks on hushed corners of the lot.

He bent me over the hood of the car and fucked me.

People were watching. 

They came up close. One guy grabbed my tits.

I'm a whore. 

One guy asked to fuck me mouth for $20.

The bull said it was free because I wasn't a hooker I was just a slutty cock whore.

I was in the middle of a shady parking lot getting fucked by The Bull, and had a strangers cock in my mouth. They used my mouth and pussy. Just ramming me.

I must have cum 3 times in a row.

The bull came inside my pussy and the guy came all over my face.

Her husband reached in his pants and started stroking himself.

Next time can I watch?



That's hot 

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