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Look I write poems!


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There is no category for poetry cause it's kinda a dating app... But I like sharing my poems and I'm a male sub so it's gonna be here till someone complains and finds a better way😊

If you look in the telescope
You can see glittering hope
If you gaze upon the sky
You will finally wonder why

In all that I can see
Life hands out no degree
So who gives you the right
To tell you, you have no might

How can a man not do what he can
I still live on not knowing who I am
Surround by decree of the world
Yet over matched by a single word

We think we know it all
When we know nothing big or small
The world is larger than fate
Yet our fate it holds and cannot relate

I wonder why the stars are so high
Yet we wonder here either and die
Your welcome, definitely share them get all those rhymes and words out of you head lol
Using your toilet break wisely πŸ˜‚
No it was inspired by 2 songs I heard on the way here. I can't remember the one, but the other was boulevard of broken dreams by green day😎... I heard just before the bathroom πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
So it's a nice cheery poem then 🀣🀣 my shadows the only one who walks beside me 😜
Sometimes, I wish someone out there will find me πŸ˜”
Aww. Well done! And hopefully one day you'll not🎢 walk alone 🎢
Don't fret you'll be fine πŸ‘πŸ» keep writing and get some Inspo from some happy songs 😊
That is true, you can also choose to see the positive aspects of life and take from that aswel its good that you have the confidence to show your writings to others poems are an art and everyone will take something different from it 😊
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