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The Mermaid

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The warm, clear water caressed his body as the scuba diver hugged the seabed. He loved the feeling of the water on his skin so whenever conditions allowed he abandoned his wetsuit in favour of a simple pair of swimming trunks and his single tank aqualung. He knew that his air was running low, he must ascend to the safety of the yacht in a matter of minutes but the coral was so inviting and seemed to beckon him on with it's dazzling array of colours. As he was about to head back to the surface he spotted a ravine in the ocean floor. He knew he should turn back but something caught his eye, a glinting from the deep. On impulse he swam down into the rocky cleft towards the gleaming object. Kneeling on the crevice floor he reached down, gently scraping away the sand he unearthed several gold coins. As he raised one to his mask to examine the object he felt a tremor shaking the sandy bed. A sharp pain shot through his ankle spreading rapidly up his calf as the rocks forming the side of the ravine fell onto his foot, trapping him in the deep.


A strange calmness came over him. He checked his air gauge, the needle pointed to empty, he knew he had only moments before he started to suffocate. Reaching down he pulled a distress flare from his belt. Pulling the ripcord he was momentarily dazzled as the flare ignited and sped up towards the surface. He knew it was hopeless. What a fool he had been to come out single-handed but the conditions had been perfect and he impetuously decided he couldn't wait for his friend. He couldn't free his trapped foot, pain engulfed him each time he tried to move it, and nobody would see his distress flare, a point of bright light burning away on the ocean surface. His lungs felt as though they were on fire with each breath he tried to draw and his vision was clouding, getting darker around the periphery, slowly closing in towards the centre.


A strange blur caught his eye, a disturbance in the water which seemed to be moving towards him. A shock of long blonde hair waving in the currents, slender arms moving as though swimming, pert young breasts with stiff, erect pink nipples set in small aureole, a scaly fish tail with large fin propelling the creature towards him. He knew this was it, the end, death approaching in the form of this beautiful hallucination. He didn't struggle as his airpipe mouthpiece was tugged from between his teeth and warm lips pressed to his own, kissing him fiercely, passionately and blowing air into his lungs. His arms gladly enfolded the beautiful young woman, hugging her tightly, feeling her breasts pressing against him, her nipples hard points against his chest. He felt his penis twitching, jerking into life, stiffening into erect readiness. She must have felt it too because she reached down and tugged his swimming trunks down, freeing his throbbing member to bathe in the warm, salty water. She reached down with one hand, taking hold of his shaft and guiding it towards her. He shook involuntarily as his cock slid into her vagina, sharp edges of fish scales scraping over the head. Hugging him tightly she gyrated against him, slipping his stiff cock in and out of her warm, wet, scaly cunt faster and deeper. He felt her juices flowing over his shaft and his own excitement mounting until they shuddered against each other in simultaneous orgasm. For long moments they remained in each other's arms, absorbing each other's trembling as she continued to blow air into his lungs. Suddenly she pushed him away, turned away from him and sped off into the ocean depths. His last sight of her was a large fish tail undulating in the water propelling her away from him. Without air he started gasping again and in a few seconds black oblivion descended on him.


Vision returned first. Slowly, painfully, a huge white blur gradually settling, congealing into recogniseable shapes. The overhead lamp, portholes, cabinets, his bunk aboard his yacht. His head swam. How had he got here? He was ALIVE and in his own bunk aboard the yacht. Memory returned slowly, being trapped, releasing the flare, that wonderful hallucination, what a shame it hadn't been real. The door opened and a goddess walked in carrying mugs of coffee and glasses of brandy on a tray. He gasped as he saw her long blonde hair, pert breasts with taut nipples in small aureole visible in outline through her flimsy blouse. As she smiled at him he felt a pain in his crotch. Reaching down he gently moved his penis aside and pulled something from his scrotum. Raising his hand to the light he looked in disbelief at the object he had removed - a large fish scale!

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