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Close Encounter

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In the darkness the creature hovered invisibly above the sleeping woman. Hugging the ceiling above her bed it read her thoughts as she dreamed. What dreams they were! It took shape, transformed horribly, taking form as something like an octopus but with many more arms and humanoid head. Most of it's arms were thick and covered in suction cups while the rest were tough and slender. Reaching down with 2 long arms it eased the covers down the bed, uncovering the naked woman writhing sensually in the heat of her dreams. She was beautiful. Her face framed with long black hair atop a slender body. Small breasts capped with pink nipples set in small aureole, firm and erect in her passion. Slender waist, firm abdomen leading to the lush triangle of her pubic hair, lips already wet, glistening in the moonlight.

The creature descended slowly, hovering above her while it placed it's arms. A suction cup over each nipple, one on her clitoris, covering her whole front with the others. Gently it lowered itself onto her. Gripping her through it's suckers it rolled over, raising the still sleeping beauty above it. It's sucker covered arms folded around her sides, covering her back. The arm covering her clit wrapped between her legs, gently parting them, suction cups holding her labia apart, arm laying along her slit, curling upwards, parting her buttocks, suction cup nestling over her anus.

Then it began. Slowly, gently at first, every suction cup began to vibrate. The woman moaned in pleasure and opened her eyes. She saw only the creature's handsome, dark haired, blue eyed face before it kissed her and it's tongue slipped gently between her lips. The vibrations increased in intensity. Her whole body, front and back, massaged by a thousand tiny vibrators, Her clit stimulated, cunt lips held apart as something like a prick eased gently into her warm wetness and another pressed gently but firmly into the moist warmth of her arse.

The creature held her tightly, stimulating her entire body, vibrations growing ever more intense as it fucked her every way at once. The tough, slender, unattached arms began whipping her arse cheeks, backs of her thighs and her back. She gave in to her passion completely, kissing the creature passionately as her entire body squirmed in the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. The lashes fell again and again and the vibrations grew stronger. Nipples, clit and labia throbbing, cunt and arse filled to perfection, her orgasm was the most intense she had ever felt. As her cum squirted against the creatures cock, it climaxed squirting jets of cum simultaneously into her cunt, arse and mouth.

It held her still. Gently removing it's arms from her back, rolling her over again. The vibrations gradually lessened, eased her down slowly, letting her drift back to sleep.

She woke the next morning feeling wonderfully calm. Easing back the covers she rose and crossed to the bathroom, recalling her strange dream, feeling a warm glow as she did so. What a shame that it was just a dream, but then, as she closed a cabinet door, caught in the crossed reflections of two mirrors, she saw the red welts on her buttocks, the backs of her thighs and her back.

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