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The Toy, part 5


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Mistress walked away from its cage, humming away to herself. The toy wondered what its reward would be.

Master appeared a few moments later, opened its cage and unchained the toys cuffs. He told it to pee in its bucket and then to go empty and clean it.
it was given a drink of water from its bowl in the kitchen, the toy still thinking about its reward and how calm everything was.

"Stand slut" Mistress ordered.
She put on its muzzle gag, the ball wedged in deep. The hood came next.
it couldnt see or speak now. its hands were cuffed infront of it.
it was moved infront of the kitchen table, its ankles tied open to the table legs. its wrists pulled up and over its head towards its back as far as they would go. it felt the cold anal hook being put in its arse, then the chains from its wrist attatched to it.
If it pulled its hands forward it would yank on the hook.
Next it felt a dildo being squeezed up its cunt, it gave a groaning yelp.
it stood there for a few mins, waiting.
Was this its reward? Didnt seem like one. Had they changed their mind?
The sound of a motor starting made it jump, the dildo in its cunt moving deep but slow inside it.
it felt the sharp sting of a leather paddle across its nipples, it startled and automatically pulled its hands as if to try cover its tits, the hook wedged deeper in its arse. it knew it had to keep still.
Whack went another hit across its nipples. it coud feel them burning.
The dildo started going faster.
Whack... this time across its arse, it was moaning into its gag, just muffled sounds.
This contiued, the dildo getting faster, a strike on its nipples or arse that it couldnt predict. 20-30 mins had passed, the dildo at its top speed.
The toy could feel pressure building, it wanted to cum, it needed to and it couldnt stop, it muffled that it needed to cum, begging and pleading.
No permission granted but it couldnt hold it off.
it came with a gush all over the kitchen floor.
it felt such relief..... but followed by *** for coming without permission.
Mistress undone all its restraints, removed the fucking machine.
She took off the hood and looked at it.
"What a mess you've made, clear it up" she left the room.
The toy quickly as it could cleaned the kitchen floor.
it waited by the door for inspection.
"Sparkling, but oh dear cunt, there will be consequences for this on your next visit, to think we gave you such a nice reward and you just didnt wait for permission (a glint in her eye), I will be sending you a list of things to buy for next time, go get cleaned up ready to leave"

A few days past, it was home, sore bits as a reminder as usual.
Ping went its phone....
'Oh god' it thought as it saw the list of things it had to get.....


@Deviant_Ric its just a mixture of things ive done in my past, put into a story. You will see this is part 5 x x

1 minute ago, Deviant_Ric said:

Definitely the makings of a mini-series 😈


I enjoy your writing and I can’t wait for the next part in your series.

@MrJim thank you x

6 minutes ago, MrJim said:

I enjoy your writing and I can’t wait for the next part in your series.


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